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I believe that there are a lot of miseries in the world that has to be changed. Earth is growing older while it is also getting smaller. The world is parched dry for people who carry a vessel of change. It really doesn’t matter if your vessel is full or you only have droplets of good things to share. The best thing is that you recognize that the world has needs to fill. And while earth is getting smaller while growing older, it only means that it is now much easier to reach out hurting souls.

Now you say, “What has it got to do with changing my situation?”

You have to realize that no matter what your situation is right now, you are in an environment where you do not live alone. And even if you are stuck in an island with no one else but yourself in the middle of the ocean, nature would still require you to give. You need to give off carbon dioxide so trees will give you oxygen. Anything you do causes something to your environment. If you think to live on earth is free – think again.

Changing your situation starts with three important things. Have Conscious Knowledge to know that something wrong is going on; the Conscious Decision to change what is wrong; and the Conscious Action to do what is right. Why does it have to be conscious? Because every step towards change involves an action. You have to will it. You have to desire for it and do something about it.

Any type of change that happens overnight is a miracle. Obviously this does not require much of an action. For instance, you have a huge problem on your finances, and you placed a bet in the lottery. You just wake up one morning to be, viola! You are now filthy rich. You see, but even that takes action. You still planted a seed. The seed is taking a few pennies in your pocket and buying that winning ticket. The ticket itself did not just fall into your lap like an angel of some sort handed it to you.

But here’s what I want you to realize, God does not always give a miracle. You know why? Because He is more interested in developing your character more than what you will do after your miracle. It is your character that will sustain you and keep you. If you understand your problems correctly, the truth will dawn upon you that your problems are wonderful tools to discover your limitations and your vast undiscovered strengths and opportunities. Remember this, every successful entrepreneur made so much money not only because they created value but because they seek to solve a problem and earn from it. And because there is a need to solve that problem, they have customers that keep coming in.

Chris Gardner, a stock broker, the man whose life was made into a blockbuster Hollywood film (In Pursuit of “Happyness”) by actor producer Will Smith said, “Whatever your situation right now, you drove yourself  there. It doesn’t matter whether or not somebody got you into that mess. All you have to do is to drive yourself out from it.”  This guy understands that the major contributor to whatever difficulties we have now in our lives is – “Us”. I am not saying you put the blame to your self. I would even strongly say not to venture into thinking like that.

Know where you are right now and focus your energy to where you want to be. Change does not happen in a snap of a finger. No amount of abracadabra, magic wand, or tricks can do that. It takes little steps of conscious actions. Because great beauty can only be perfected with time. Take that little steps of faith and seek the leading of God. It develops your character, patience, perseverance, skills, faith and vast number of divine gifts to serve your divine purpose. And it gives Him glory.

Remember, great waves in the ocean are caused by little ripples; and little ripples are caused by wind’s blowing action disturbing that vast calm ocean.

There is no accident why you read this. I encourage you not to give up. If you can’t run then walk. If you can’t walk then wiggle. If you can’t wiggle then at least move your finger.

Now it is about time to get up, think consciously, and cause your own change.

Good luck and God Bless.

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This is a very simple picture yet has a very huge explanation. Actually it says how it is to achieve success.

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Did you ever have a person in your life that you really do care so much?

Of course you do. All of us do. It really doesn’t matter who they are. It may be your parents, your sisters or brothers or your significant others. But if there is anything that can make raise your blood pressure, it is when you are treated like shit by someone who you really know and you know, and you care for so much from the hypothalamus of your brain down to the aorta of your heart. In other words, you’re just over the top. Insanely sold into him.

Hey! Before you go on reading I would like to stress that I do not in any way intend to be rude. I just want to vent out. I just know that I do not deserve to be treated like shit. None of us do. And since I am alone and have no one to talk to, my blog will act as my psychiatrist for the night. Hence, just read.

Let me tell you a story.

I met this person sometime last year. We didn’t have a good start but that’s a different story. The pigment of my imagination can still paint vividly that moment in my life when I told to myself, “It is him”. I am fully convinced that he is the one that I am going to spend the rest of my life with (or at least for a long time). Of course, when fate takes that bold move, even if you are both strangers, little disciples of Eros will always find a way to introduce you to each other. We had good talks, and sharing about our life’s experiences. And for a short period of time, he became my inspiration. I could not even believe myself to have prayed to God and beg Him to take good care of this person. I mean, not that I do not care. But for me that is just going an extra mile.

He is not a difficult person; although he claims to be professional in sarcasm. I even think that his occasional rants on twitter about almost anything in the world are his colorful satires towards twitter fame whores, showbiz shows and politics. And indeed, a lot adore him as he became a channel of somebody else’s negative emotions. Words and apathetic feelings a lot of us are coward to speak.

Yeah! Sure. You may say that, “Oh! Wait a second; he doesn’t seem to have quite a good attitude.” I really do not care. All I know is that I care for him and that is more than enough. Period!

We had many nights of sensible conversations. I am not forgetting it. All of it is stored in the most secured database of my memory complete with back-up power. So if a day will come that he’d give me a quiz of the things he said, you can vouch that I am going to ace the test. It is during these conversations when I learned; he is not at all insensitive like what others claim he is. Instead, I think he has so much love in his heart kept at the innermost corner of his being. And why it is not showing up? Because I think he is denying it. Because, I believe too much display of emotions makes him uncomfortable and too conscious. It is not that he does not know how to display love; just that his way of expressing it is different from others. He is extremely dedicated towards his family and friends. He loves his family so much.

By now you should realize that it doesn’t really take a rocket science why I adore this person so much.

But the story is not yet done.

Just tonight, I got a private message asking me to text him. I am already in my haven safely locked inside my cocoon and realizing I am out of phone credit. And so because I care for this person so much, I went out; unrelenting the dark alley of a concreted city street just so I could submit to his appeal. I want to be the first to take good care. Who would not? Right?

Finally, I got it and hurried back to my unit; started texting him. Then I got the slap of my life. How cool is that? Or maybe yet, how disrespectful is that. While I was seeing flying envelope icons in my phone after another, I got nothing in reply. Worst, I am seeing him tweeting without a pause. Then I told myself, “Now wait a minute, is he deliberately flouting me?” I felt so ignored. Just imagine how crushed my heart has been. I terribly lose my zest for 30 minutes.

But maybe he is just not in the mood. Maybe he changed his mind and realized I am not really the one he wants to talk to. Maybe he wants to talk to his ex. Maybe I am a rebound. Maybe he is not really treating me like a friend. Many he has some family issues. Maybe he didn’t mean to. Maybe I am overreacting. Maybe he is even in the verge of confusion as to whether he wants to shout, to cry or to dance. Maybe he just wants to burst and disappear for two seconds.

I could justify endlessly.

So many questions. And so I asked myself, “Were that offense enough to wipe out how much you wanted to be with this guy soon? Were those enough to topple the plans you slowly built to ready yourself when you see each other?”

I heard my spirit assertively but calmly sigh. It says, “NO!” I just can’t. I am not yet ready.

Therefore, resolve as it is. I’ll just find that forgiveness in my heart. After all, this is what really love is all about. Learning to ride at the road of forgiveness in the intersection where it may still be the hardest to do.

What do you think?


In my country – the Philippines, we have this ancient old tradition of kinship and hospitality. In fact, this is what and how Filipinos are known in the world. We are hospitable (at least to the general point of view). Respect is ingrained into the deepest spirals of our genes that it would seemed to be a taboo if you do not kiss the hands of your elders when you leave or arrive home.

I spent most of my childhood living in laid-back countryside. Houses are usually made of wood or bamboo. Modest living, but these people are happy. We are happy. Simple, less complications and everyone else feels contented with their lives. One day, as a 5 year old kid, I was amazed by how several strong men in the village carefully helped each other transferring a house into a different location. That’s really crazy. These men appears like ants carrying a heavy load of bread crumbs somewhere synchronizing each move to carry out a goal. This is called “Bayanihan”. I learned that they don’t get paid after doing it. It is the abundance and the kindness in their hearts that drove them to do it.


I believe that there are so many places in the world where great respect for others emanated the atmosphere. But after many years of liberalism, I wonder how many places at present still practices this admirable value system. Sadly, as the world grows older, respect and kindness to others is nothing but like a vapor that slowly dissipates into thin air.

Years have passed and now I am in my mid 20’s. I’ll take you in the streets of Manila. It is the busiest city of the country. You will see people moving in fast paces as if they are in a chase of something illusive. Some may bump each other or rubbed each other’s elbows but it is as if their skins are thick and numb by just consciously ignoring the other. And it is in this way that people misses so much opportunity to actually be kind.

But here’s more. When you actually go an extra mile of helping somebody like an old woman carrying a heavy bag across the street, you would find them refusing even though it’s clear that they could not even lift it an inch from the ground. You know why? Because they fear that you will steal it and run away. Whatever happened to our faith in the goodness of mankind? Whatever happened to our desire to help and willingness to be served? We now learned to doubt the kindness and generosity of others as if the only creatures able to do it are angels.

You get what you vibrate.

The story should not end here. You and I, young and old, rich or poor must remain to be a vessel of kindness. It may be sad to learn that we are few. But when the supply is scarce, that means the demand is high. It is not everyday that you and I experiences kindness from others hence, there is so much need to fill out there, so much opportunity to also receive back what we vibrate – with interest.

If you vibrate kindness to others then you too will receive kindness from other people. It may not be coming from the same person but remember, the universe is obedient. It does what you did with it. Jesus said, “you reap what you sow’. If you sow a single seed of kindness and respect, you too will enjoy the abundant harvest of the fruit.

Together, let us vibrate something good in a world that enormously thirst for it.

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When I was still in college, I was asked by a very trivial question by my philosophy professor. Actually, it was not just me. The whole class to be exact. The question is pretty simple, short and concise. But the question requires a substantial answer. It asks me to ponder and maybe stare the ceiling for a while. And really, in these days of busy lifestyle where we just go to and pro, I wonder if we have even stopped and thought of answering this question. The question that seek to define our existence.

The question is this. Why are we here on earth?

Right, why do we exist? Why do we live? What do we have to do in this lifetime? What are we here for?

I know this is embarrassing but I don’t think I had given a convincing answer that time. Neither, do I think my classmates did. But that has baffled me.

This is what a lot of us believe. The reason why we exist on earth is fulfill our purpose. Of course we have a purpose. No matter how useless your life today may seem I am very sure you are not here in this lifetime only to compete with the oxygen supply and food supply of this planet. There is a great value in you. And here’s more. I also believe that there is a great purpose that you have to do that only you can do and nobody else can because that is an assignment given to you.

Think of it, when we do something and we know that we have accomplished it well there comes a sense of pride that sprouts in the innermost of our being. It appears like a germinating seed watered by the dew of our natural tendency to care. We are inclined to do more. We are inspired to search in probably a hundred of ways how we can contribute something good for the betterment of mankind.

But some of us search for the wrong purpose. And because the purpose itself is wrong, it yields a bad fruit that causes us so much heartache and despair. We chase an ambition that disguises itself as a dream like a terrible wolf under the mask of the innocent sheep. We trade simple joys in life to the pleasures of the world that steals our peace. One of these bad purposes is the chase for money and fame. Please don’t get me wrong. I do not say that money is bad. In fact, money is a wonderful instrument to help others and expand our quality of life. But the love for money drives us to make bad choices, ruin relationships and sometimes abuse the weaknesses of others. I don’t think this is your purpose. I believe you are highly significant to have a higher kind of purpose than any of these.

I thought I have already found my purpose when I reached what I thought to be the pinnacle of my career. When I knew I have employed many jobless people in my company. When I have spoken great pieces of advice to delinquent juveniles. When I encouraged hopeless people. I honestly believe that this comprises pretty much all my purpose – success and ability to serve.

But I was wrong.

It is in the bed of depression where God taught me my purpose. That was when I was stripped off of all the accolades, possessions and pleasures that have adorned my life with blinding glitters of envy from others. Indeed it was a very unlikely classroom from a great teacher. And God spoke to my spirit that I do not really need to chase all those things as He freely gives it to anyone. I am bound for a greater purpose which is generic to all of us.

And that great purpose is to give God all the honor and glory in everything that we do.

I am not really encouraging you to become a preacher. I am a businessman myself. Leave to the preachers what is meant for preaching. I do not care what you do. What your job is or how you make money for a living. Just make sure that whatever you accomplish, you will never fail to look up in heaven to say even a few simple words of gratitude. When you do that, God will take good care of your business.

So what do I mean?

That means, as a call center agent you will not tweet while working and acts like you are busy when the boss is around as that is cheating.

As a public school teacher you will arrive in school on time and teach your students not by terror but by love for them and your job.

As an office employee you will not sneak a few paper clips and coupon bonds in your bag as this is stealing.

As a public servant you will not enter into anomalous contracts to profit as God hates dishonesty.

The bible speaks to remember the Lord your God for He is the one who gave you the ability to create wealth. Further, So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God (1Corinthians 10:31). It is very clear. And when you give God the glory He deserves – believe me, He will take good care of the things you cannot do.

Recognize God is all that you do.

This friend is your real purpose. This is what you are here for.

May you be blessed. Good luck. 🙂