You Get What You Vibrate

Posted: February 27, 2013 in Love
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In my country – the Philippines, we have this ancient old tradition of kinship and hospitality. In fact, this is what and how Filipinos are known in the world. We are hospitable (at least to the general point of view). Respect is ingrained into the deepest spirals of our genes that it would seemed to be a taboo if you do not kiss the hands of your elders when you leave or arrive home.

I spent most of my childhood living in laid-back countryside. Houses are usually made of wood or bamboo. Modest living, but these people are happy. We are happy. Simple, less complications and everyone else feels contented with their lives. One day, as a 5 year old kid, I was amazed by how several strong men in the village carefully helped each other transferring a house into a different location. That’s really crazy. These men appears like ants carrying a heavy load of bread crumbs somewhere synchronizing each move to carry out a goal. This is called “Bayanihan”. I learned that they don’t get paid after doing it. It is the abundance and the kindness in their hearts that drove them to do it.


I believe that there are so many places in the world where great respect for others emanated the atmosphere. But after many years of liberalism, I wonder how many places at present still practices this admirable value system. Sadly, as the world grows older, respect and kindness to others is nothing but like a vapor that slowly dissipates into thin air.

Years have passed and now I am in my mid 20’s. I’ll take you in the streets of Manila. It is the busiest city of the country. You will see people moving in fast paces as if they are in a chase of something illusive. Some may bump each other or rubbed each other’s elbows but it is as if their skins are thick and numb by just consciously ignoring the other. And it is in this way that people misses so much opportunity to actually be kind.

But here’s more. When you actually go an extra mile of helping somebody like an old woman carrying a heavy bag across the street, you would find them refusing even though it’s clear that they could not even lift it an inch from the ground. You know why? Because they fear that you will steal it and run away. Whatever happened to our faith in the goodness of mankind? Whatever happened to our desire to help and willingness to be served? We now learned to doubt the kindness and generosity of others as if the only creatures able to do it are angels.

You get what you vibrate.

The story should not end here. You and I, young and old, rich or poor must remain to be a vessel of kindness. It may be sad to learn that we are few. But when the supply is scarce, that means the demand is high. It is not everyday that you and I experiences kindness from others hence, there is so much need to fill out there, so much opportunity to also receive back what we vibrate – with interest.

If you vibrate kindness to others then you too will receive kindness from other people. It may not be coming from the same person but remember, the universe is obedient. It does what you did with it. Jesus said, “you reap what you sow’. If you sow a single seed of kindness and respect, you too will enjoy the abundant harvest of the fruit.

Together, let us vibrate something good in a world that enormously thirst for it.

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