I believe that there are a lot of miseries in the world that has to be changed. Earth is growing older while it is also getting smaller. The world is parched dry for people who carry a vessel of change. It really doesn’t matter if your vessel is full or you only have droplets of good things to share. The best thing is that you recognize that the world has needs to fill. And while earth is getting smaller while growing older, it only means that it is now much easier to reach out hurting souls.

Now you say, “What has it got to do with changing my situation?”

You have to realize that no matter what your situation is right now, you are in an environment where you do not live alone. And even if you are stuck in an island with no one else but yourself in the middle of the ocean, nature would still require you to give. You need to give off carbon dioxide so trees will give you oxygen. Anything you do causes something to your environment. If you think to live on earth is free – think again.

Changing your situation starts with three important things. Have Conscious Knowledge to know that something wrong is going on; the Conscious Decision to change what is wrong; and the Conscious Action to do what is right. Why does it have to be conscious? Because every step towards change involves an action. You have to will it. You have to desire for it and do something about it.

Any type of change that happens overnight is a miracle. Obviously this does not require much of an action. For instance, you have a huge problem on your finances, and you placed a bet in the lottery. You just wake up one morning to be, viola! You are now filthy rich. You see, but even that takes action. You still planted a seed. The seed is taking a few pennies in your pocket and buying that winning ticket. The ticket itself did not just fall into your lap like an angel of some sort handed it to you.

But here’s what I want you to realize, God does not always give a miracle. You know why? Because He is more interested in developing your character more than what you will do after your miracle. It is your character that will sustain you and keep you. If you understand your problems correctly, the truth will dawn upon you that your problems are wonderful tools to discover your limitations and your vast undiscovered strengths and opportunities. Remember this, every successful entrepreneur made so much money not only because they created value but because they seek to solve a problem and earn from it. And because there is a need to solve that problem, they have customers that keep coming in.

Chris Gardner, a stock broker, the man whose life was made into a blockbuster Hollywood film (In Pursuit of “Happyness”) by actor producer Will Smith said, “Whatever your situation right now, you drove yourself  there. It doesn’t matter whether or not somebody got you into that mess. All you have to do is to drive yourself out from it.”  This guy understands that the major contributor to whatever difficulties we have now in our lives is – “Us”. I am not saying you put the blame to your self. I would even strongly say not to venture into thinking like that.

Know where you are right now and focus your energy to where you want to be. Change does not happen in a snap of a finger. No amount of abracadabra, magic wand, or tricks can do that. It takes little steps of conscious actions. Because great beauty can only be perfected with time. Take that little steps of faith and seek the leading of God. It develops your character, patience, perseverance, skills, faith and vast number of divine gifts to serve your divine purpose. And it gives Him glory.

Remember, great waves in the ocean are caused by little ripples; and little ripples are caused by wind’s blowing action disturbing that vast calm ocean.

There is no accident why you read this. I encourage you not to give up. If you can’t run then walk. If you can’t walk then wiggle. If you can’t wiggle then at least move your finger.

Now it is about time to get up, think consciously, and cause your own change.

Good luck and God Bless.


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