The Perils of Fear

Posted: March 2, 2013 in Love
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Many will contend that fear has its use. As an example, when we see a cobra raising its head, ready to strike those fangs of death; we tremble, we freeze or fret to run away. We fear it because we see a reason for alarm – an immediate threat that could mean our life or death. Of course, you don’t touch its head and say, Oh! What a cute shiny little cobra. That’s downright stupid.

You know what? That is right. Only if our fear is reasonable.

But a lot of us fear the unreasonable. What this means is that, many of us fear something we are not even sure if they are fearful indeed. For instance, you fear to open an envelope that may inform you if you pass your licensure exam or not. You sweat. You become restless. You have allowed yourself to be flooded by the agonizing feeling of panic and stress long before you have opened and read through its content. The fact is – the result may be in your favor.

What if you actually passed but intentionally delay to find out the truth? Do you realize how much joy you withheld from yourself? That instead of singing and rejoicing you made a destructive choice of permitting yourself to be snatched by the ugly claws of fear? And if the result is otherwise, you will still experience disappointment anyways. So why delay it? Why not face it head on and get it over and done with?

Fear defeats more people than any other thing in the world. It steals joy. It snatches dreams. It cripples good visions. It blinds us from seeing the truth. It causes us worry and anxiety. It disables young people from reaching their dreams while they still can and causes old people to regret to realize it too late.

Interestingly enough, a lot of us fear the very thing that should be celebrated. We fear to love. We thought that loving will only bring us pain. Yes it may. But still, there are so much more noble things we can find from it. You have the chance to care. You learn to give without contempt. You earn confidence to sing in a karaoke knowing you are off key. You compose songs and write poems. You become a weirdo for being teary eyed with simple sweet gestures and smile in the next few seconds. You learn to compromise and expect nothing in return. Above all, you learn that you are difficult to offend and quick to forgive. Only fresh breath of sunshine welcomes you each day. Had you contained yourself to fear, you could have missed that opportunity only “true living” people can experience.

Love is what we are born with. Fear is what we learned here. Fear breeds fear. And love breeds love. Conquer your fear with love – that intense kind of love to search for what will truly make you happy and complete.

Recognize that fear is a deceiver – it can be a very bad liar.

The reality of fear is this.

You are not scared of the dark. You are scared of what’s in it.

You are not afraid of people around you. You are just afraid of rejection.

You are not afraid of heights. You are just afraid of falling.

You are not afraid to try again. You are just afraid of getting hurt for the same reason.

You are not afraid to let go. You are just afraid to accept that it’s gone.

You are not afraid to love. You are just scared of not being loved back.

Whatever you fear today, in all this, trust God’s promise. “Fear not for I am with you always.” Meet your fear with faith for your love and for God.

God Bless you.


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