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Sometimes we find ourselves in the crossroads of confusion. This is actually dangerous because we are in the edge of deciding for something that will harm us in the end more than the possibility that it will offer us something good. It is in this point where we get a crystal clear revelation about something we query that will not only help us better decide but also avoid the crack tip of becoming worse than what we used to be.

Take the case of building a relationship.

There are times in a relationship or commitment where LOVE is not enough. You also need TRUST. Because love resides in the heart and trust dwells in the mind. Together, these wonderful virtues constitute FAITH.

If you only rely on love but fall short in trust, you will miss the signs of your partner’s betrayal and infidelity. Hence, you can be prone to abuse and far more difficult heartache. Moreover, if you only rely in trust but have no longer felt the passion to love, you will only decide to be committed by denying yourself to be happy and enjoy life. Love and trust work hand in hand to develop faith. They are like twins that you should never set apart. They are the reason why the nose can live near an armpit. Because staying in love is more than just a feeling and a mere thinking. It is a decision. And we know that any decision is faith in the making. The act of believing at something not seen which can only be done both by loving and trusting.

The longest journey that anyone can travel is not the mileage one can take to get to the face of the moon. But it is the distance between the heart and mind. You have to learn to know the subtle difference between the heart and the mind.

The heart is blind. The mind is emotionally disabled.

The heart has its own mind. But the mind doesn’t have its own heart.

The heart can think on its own. But it is the mind that knows better.

When you love someone, don’t give him your whole world. Because when they leave, they shall take it with them. That will be very frightening as you will have to create another world. Very sadly, you will find yourself having nothing left for yourself – empty and thirsty.

What you should do instead is to give him half of your world. Allow him to work for the other half of it. Give him the task to work for it, build it and earn it. Only at this time you can honestly tell to yourself that somebody has finally completed your life. When you allow that person to work for it, you will learn to trust, you will learn to love thus, strengthening your faith.

Remember, LOVE is a beautiful mansion but it is TRUST that forms the foundation. These two shall make up FAITH as a wonderful masterpiece that can stand in the test of time.