Sex Goes Beyond Pleasure

Posted: March 11, 2013 in Love
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Sex goes beyond pleasure.

In sex relaxation and tension go hand in
hand, as do pain and pleasure, shyness
and the courage to go beyond one’s limits.

How can such opposing states exist in harmony together?

There is only one way: that is by surrendering
Because the act of surrender means:
“I trust you.”

Let us plunge ourselves down to the dangerous
path of surrender.

It may be dangerous, but it is the only way
worth following.

Let us forget all that we are taught about
how it is noble to give and humiliating to receive.
Because for most people, generosity consists
only in giving, but receiving is also an act of love.

Allowing someone else to make us happy
will make them happy too.

– Manuscript found in Accra


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