It is interesting to discover that you hold an incredible source of power everyday. And it may seem ordinary but this power can catapult you higher than how you imagine your life to be. This power is called “The Power of I Am.”

However, the Power of I AM does not really resides in these two words “I AM.” The immense power of it lies on the words or phrases that follow after. I am blessed, I am strong, I am healthy instead of I am unlucky, I am weak or I am sickly.

What follows the word “I AM” can either cause you success or failure.

Often, we use the power of I am against us. A single mother says, “I am broke.” A student says, “I will never pass the test.” A businessman says, “I am full of debt.”

The principle is this; whatever you say after the I Am is coming and looking for you. If you say, “I am fat…” calories come looking for you. “I am old…” wrinkles are heading your way. “I am just average…” mediocrity presents itself anytime.

The good news is we have the choice what follows after the “I AM”. You may not be feeling at par nevertheless you can say, “I am healthy.” You may not be feeling exceptionally good about your looks today nonetheless you can claim, “I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” You may be having doubts about the result of your medical exam yet you can claim with such vigor, “I am healed! I am healthy!” You can shout to yourself that “I am wealthy and remarkably prosperous…” even if your bank account tells you otherwise.

The bible even said in proverbs, “What the man thinketh, he becometh…” Prov. 23:7

It only affirms the reality that the thoughts we accept upon our minds and the declarations we say upon ourselves has colossal powers that can transform our lives for either the best of life or the worst of life. And if you are smart, you have to learn to declare blessings and positive affirmations within your self.

Imagine a five star restaurant. The entire surroundings are lavishly decorated worth for a king. But if you do not order, you will still starve to death. Your life is no different. You may have a gallant life envied by many yet you feel down and miserable inside. Until you learn to declare the good things in your life – you will forever feel that way. When you declare the good I AM’s in your life, it is like the same restaurant where the angels are the waiters. What you order is exactly what you will get. If you order good health then you will be served with decent health. If you order prosperity then you will have an avalanche of enormous affluence.

Stop declaring dissolute declarations in your life. Start blessing your life with avowals that are meant to encourage you positively. Use the “Power of I AM” with only wonderful words and phrases after it.

Say it. Declare it. Believe it. And prepare to receive it. For whatever you say you are – is you indeed.

  1. ella says:

    wow love it…….

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