In the daily morning show, Good Morning Club, which I co-host daily on TV5, we recently discussed an interesting topic: What should a parent do if the child shows early signs of being gay?

It was a sensitive topic handled with care. My co-hosts Edu Manzano, Amy Perez, Chiqui Roa-Puno and I shared the same view: That gayness is not a plague. That if one of our sons turns out to be gay, we were unanimous in saying that “We shall accept and love our sons just the same, just as much.”

For this article, I sought the expertise of family counselor and Trio Tagapayo of Amy’s Face to Face, noted psychologist Dr. Camille Garcia, who answered the frequently asked questions (FAQs).

What are the early signs? I’ve read that when a two- or three-year-old plays with girl’s toys, that doesn’t necessarily mean he is gay since that is just the “curiosity phase.” Is this true? At what age will the signs of true “gayness” come out?

Dr. Camille: “Others may say that doing something effeminate is already a sign of gayness like playing with female toys, being effeminate in some ways, etc. Remember the child, at this age, does not know the girl-boy gender yet. It’s up to the parents to make the child be aware of his/her gender: ‘Ikaw ay babae, siya ay lalaki.’

“True gayness comes out at pubertal stage. (It is when the child desires or has a crush on the same sex.) What is wrong with some parents is encouraging the behavior. It’s like when a parent says, ‘Kung ano ang binigay sa amin ng Diyos tatanggapin namin.’

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This is a very sensitive social issue that must be delicately treated in still a conservative country – the Philippines. Author of this article Christine Bersola Babao and celebrated clinical psychologist D. Camille Garcia as her resource person,  both receive backlash from the LGBT community.

In my next post, I am going to give my commentary on the points discussed on this article and would seek to carefully scrutinize each detail so as to possibly give enlightenment to the confused, lost or offended by the above article.

  1. Jerome says:

    I am interested on what you have to say. People who call themselves experts should really live up to experts standards. But sadly, from the looks of it, it tells you otherwise.

  2. Ryvette Al Nezari says:

    I dont see anything with the points of Dra fact she have handled the issues asked to her the most professional way she can…what would the gays want?that in this stage, homosexuality should be introduced as a perfectly understandable and acceptable preference in the society?the children’s belief relies on the belief of the parents who will guide them to the right path..not in the path that many sensitive gays want. In fact, these children should know that there are onlly 2 sexes made by God; the male and you either live the way God created you or better not exist at all..the gays are too much magnifying the issue even when there’s nothing wrong written..mga bakla talagang KSP kahit kelan..tsk..tsk..

    • Jay Moli says:

      HI Ryvette, Thank you so much for your comment. I think to say “nothing wrong” with what Dr. Camille said is highly subjective in the same way as “something wrong” with what she said. Obviously, even clinical psychologist has differing view on this issue. In case you were lost in the article, that is more about what you will do as a parent if your child is already gay and you know for a fact you do not have any control over it — neither your child. How will you still become a responsible parent faced with a homosexual kid? Towards the end of your comment, I see what appears to be a sarcasm. Please avoid it next time. And thank you for taking part in this discussion.

  3. X Vicente says:

    Hi, first of I would like to say that your article is very well written. Second, I am gay. Well… the lesbian type. As far as I can understand, there’s nothing wrong with what Dr.Garcia tried to explain. The host asked for her opinion and I think I think she just answered all of those truthfully.
    I think that some people from the LGBT community just over reacted. Sana binasa muna nila ng maayos. Initial reaction ng parents yon. Siguro naman bago sila matanggap kung ano sila, dumaan din sila sa procesong kwinekwestyon ng magulang, yung iba sinasaktan pa. They were just asking how to handle things and those people made a biggie Out of it. Read and understand. Not all people will go by your ways on how to handle things. Some people are just too sensitive and I respect that, but try to respect other people’s opinion as well. Yun na nga eh. Straight sila, they don’t know what were going thru, but its not their fault that they can’t.
    Thanks again for posting this. I had the news late. 🙂

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