Normal is regular. Safe. Familiar. Warm and Comfortable.

Normal is the thing you know. It is one.

But normal isn’t great. Isn’t fantastic. Normal can never be AMAZING.

Who wants to be normal?

  1. tsizzles says:

    I agree. I love how I’m always asked, “Are you normal?” To which I always reply, “Normal is relative,” with a nice smile 🙂

    • Jay Moli says:

      Cheers! Sometimes we forget that we are made in the image and likeness of God. And for me to know that means accepting that we are not just an ordinary walking creatures on earth. We are extraordinary. We are bound for a great purpose.

      • tsizzles says:

        Exactly but often times discovering that purpose can be very daunting task. Of course the fast-paced instant-gratification Information Age we are in right now, has made it that much more difficult. Time to reflect and understand everything we are created to be is not even taken into consideration!

        How can one do extraordinary things if one doesn’t recognize himself as extraordinary?

      • Jay Moli says:

        I fully concur in everything that you have said.

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