Just after dinner tonight I received a not so good news. It really tempts me to sulk and be filled with self-pity. In my mind and in my heart I’ve been whispering prayers to God to help me go through it. Until I made some positive affirmations upon myself that God has answered my prayer.

That sudden pain in the gut has not really fully subsided. In fact, my mind was clouded with thoughts of despair and negative emotions.

But God has His way of doing things. I believe that when I was whispering that quite prayers to God in the bosom of my soul; GOD has sent this video for me.

I don’t know with you but I believe in divine plans. And that this is not an accident.

In this video Joyce Meyer is encouraging people – and I just feel that she is speaking to me. I honestly believe that it was God’s own making and uses this short video to encourage it.

It feels so surreal to hear a prayer that just speaks about what you really need. I am claiming it in the name of Jesus. I was touched. I wept.

Maybe you are also going through tough times right now. I wanna share this video with you and I want you to claim what is mentioned in the prayer. God will open doors for us no man can open. It is going to be a wonderful BREAKTHROUGH.

Prepare to be surprised.



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