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Very recently, another showbiz headline overshadowed big headliners like the Sabah siege of the Sultanate of Sulu and the daily Earth Hour celebration in the Mindanao (sarcasm to mean the 8 hour rotational brownout in Mindanao). And this is led by no less than the presidential sister, Queen of all media Kris Aquino. The whole story was picked by leading newscast and talked about in the airwaves like one of her blockbuster movies.

Apparently, Ms. Aquino filed a TPO (Temporary Protection Order) for her former husband, famous basketball player of the PBA, James Yap. The TPO directed Mr. Yap to stay away from her former wife and their 5 year old son. The court’s decision was based on Ms. Aquino’s claim that Mr. Yap insinuated some amorous advances by forcing himself towards Ms. Aquino in front of their son. Kris Aquino is saying that this is a form of abuse since James Yap no longer has any matrimonial rights towards her as a husband. The former vehemently denied the accusation and stared a rather humble-looking tirade of expose’ incriminating Kris Aquino to have filed the above-mentioned court order in response to James Yap’s defiance to grant an adoption to their child Bimby. On a latter note, the court issued a gag order directing both parties to not speak any further on the merits of the case.

From the looks of it, this story is even more complicated that we thought. As to why the biological father needs to give up his rights and have his former wife adopt his son is totally a very long legal argument. I am nowhere near to being a law expert hence that is not what I wish to talk about in this post.

On Kris Aquino’s interview on TV last March 20, 2013 in the country’s leading newscast TV Patrol (ABS-CBN) and 24Oras (GMA7) she bravely answered all questions and accusations thrown to her by the camp of James Yap. She appeared with her 3 other Presidential sisters. One of the issues she cleared was that she never threatened James Yap of losing his career since her brother, the current President of the Philippines; President Benigno Aquino still has 3 years left in his term as a President of the Republic.

This indictment by James Yap has held so much talk in the social media that placed Kris in a bad light towards the eyes of the public. In fact just a few days after, online hacktivist Anoymous defaced her very own website and a few of her banner adds. But what shocked the people most was when she said that she will quit from all her showbiz shows in ABS-CBN including her very successful stint in Pilipinas Got Talent (local version of the TV Franchise, Got Talent by Simon Cowell), a primetime soap opera and her very own multi-awarded talk show Kris TV.

Kris pronouncement that she will resign from all her shows may have shocked the people but had really never gotten so much sympathy for her.

So why Kris Aquino fails to get public’s sympathy this time?

It can be remembered that 3 years ago Kris said the same words in her previous showbiz show, The Buzz. What she said was that she will only return to showbiz only after her brother finishes his term as a President. During that time, Kris had a misunderstanding issue with her co-host Ruffa Gutierrez that led to Ruffa’s resignation from that same show. At the sudden influx of emotions, Kris said the declaration on National TV during one of her emotional interviews.

For the second time, Kris might have caused herself another mistake by injuring her credibility for pronouncing the same declaration. Most if not all viewed her articulation as emotion-driven, lacks prudence and responsibility since she has contractual obligations to her mother network (ABS-CBN).

As I contemplate on this sad news, I am reminded of a childhood story about a young shepherd boy tending his flocks of sheep on a hill near their town. In the story, the boy is making fun of some villagers by shouting alarm to the village that a bear is attacking his flocks and when men in their village would climb up the hill to rescue him, he would just laugh and said it was just a joke. He is doing it until the time real danger arrives and nobody believes him up until all his flocks were rampaged by a bear, in an eating frenzy, devouring all his animals.

I know for sure that Kris does not mean any joke when she said this the second time. But clearly, there is a lesson yet we can learn from this. That at the height of your emotions; do not create any decisions. For often than not, even if you contemplated your decision well, people are so smart to no longer trust your words.

So much so, no matter how wealthy and famous we are, our words is the only thing we have. It can either make us or break us. It can either fortify our credibility or destroy it for good. And if you are making a career out from the credibility of your words; that should be the last thing you have to give-up.