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We have heard and read so many things about love.

It is interesting for me how we have gone into writing so many songs and poems about love yet there are still a lot of relationships out there that has quenched their love.

Many of you became miserable. Became hateful. Doubtful to love itself. And shun yourselves even to the single idea of falling in love.

Why is that? Maybe knowing the 4 kinds of love will help you find the answer to the question for yourself.


1. Baby Love:           

I would like to ask you to look at the baby. A baby is cute, isn’t it? We like the baby so much when they smile and chuckle. But when they cry in the wee hours of the night, it seems like a disaster has fallen your house.

What does a baby do? A baby likes you when you give them something. They cry when you don’t. That’s tantrums all over. Teenagers and even adults who think like a teenagers falls into this trap a lot. They think they are in love to the person because he/she is cute.

Very sadly, this is where a lot of you can find and relate yourselves from. You are in a baby love. It will not get anywhere. This relationship will only demand you to give and give and give.

It will only demand you to give more just so you could feel that you are valued.


2. Horse-trading Love:

Let me make a radical statement. All men and women are whores. All men and women are hookers. All men and women are for a pay. All men and women are gold-diggers.

In this kind of love – YES. This is not really love. This is sheer bargaining.

In this kind of love, you give in order to get something. As some of you in this relationship say, “No commitment, no strings-attached”. Fuck buddies as a name you call it. Usually, persons in this kind of love are those who have been hurt much. They are those who need help and healing. Most bruised and most wounded.

But if they truly love, they are those who can love deeply and truly.


3. Real Love:

This kind of love is the one that springs from the inmost of your being. This is not based on the kind of things you get from the outside. This is simply just you.

You give this love because it is who you are. And to withhold this love means punishing yourself. You do not require from anything or anyone. It is just who you are. Period.


4. Pure Spirit Love:

This is a love of a Saint. But this is not hard to give. Anyone has the ability to give this as long as you open yourself. In this kind of love you become magnanimous.

You love even if it hurts. It hurts not because you are being taken advantage off but because to love this way is to give yourself to the benefit of all. You sacrifice to bring forth common good. Such love is the love of Jesus, Mother Teresa or even the love of the mother to her children.

The question is where are you in these four kinds of love? Are you harnessing the full potential of love?

The truth is unless you know which love you are in, you will never know if you are in perfect alignment of your nature. To become love yourself.


Most assuredly, you have already read a lot of similes & metaphors written to describe life. We can find it anywhere.

Strikingly enough, our individual description about life is a reflection of how we came to manage our life.

To some of you, this simile that you are about to read will not only talk to your soul but also exactly the game you are playing.

Life is like a baseball game.

If you have gone to one baseball game in your life and were keen to observe how the game is played, you will know that a player waits to strike the ball pitched by the pitcher. The player will try its very best to strike it so hard so the ball will fly high, away from the catchers. As the ball travels to mid-air, the player runs fast to the first base and if the opportunity is still there to the second base, third base, and finally back to homebase.

One homerun. One point for the player’s team.

Life is no different from a baseball game.

You are the player. You strike the ball as hard as you can. This ball is both the opportunity and the challenges that life throws at you. Yes, there are times when you cannot hit the ball. But that’s okay. There is always a second chance.

As you hit the ball, you run to first base. Being the player you focus your attention to the first base. That is your goal. But that is not the entirety of your goal. That is only a part of your goal. So do not go into debt celebrating a party for an accomplishment that is not yet full. It is okay to celebrate, just do not overdo it.

As a player, you do not pick trash on your way to the next base. Or sing or dance. But you try your best to swiftly finagle around the contending team on the field to reach the next base.

On your way to the next goal, do not pick-up bitterness, resentments, blames, anger or hate. Guilt, fear, worry and unforgiveness are a waste of emotions. But often, we pick them a lot thinking that they motivate us to reach our goal. They do not make your travel to the next base easy. They will only burden your plight. And if ever you reach your next goal, they will only limit the happiness you ought to enjoy.

Baseball is an active game. It requires speed, agility, strength and power. You are that player. When you were put in this life, you already have those qualities in you. You have all that you need to have a homerun. The One intelligent source we call God has made you fully equipped.

I did not tell you to be busy. I am telling you to be active. A lot of times you make your life so busy thinking you have accomplished so many things but really the only thing it did is to drain you of your energy and vitality. You did not really have a joyful life at all. And once time is wasted it never replenishes itself anymore.

It is history. Are you writing a good history?

Like a baseball game, there are times when you experience delays and you need to wait. There are times when you get a foul. There are times when you have to repeat from the first base. Do not be surrender your power. That’s part of the game. That’s part of your story of victory.

Learn the kind of game you are playing. If you are one of the players in this baseball game then master that game. Become the star player. Become the winner. Be the champion.


Everything is possible for him who believes. (Mark 9:23)

The “everything” mentioned here does not always come simply by asking, because God is always seeking to teach you the way of faith.

Your training for a life of faith requires many areas of learning, including the trial of faith, the discipline of faith, the patience of faith, and the courage of faith.

Often you will pass through many stages before you finally realize the result of faith – namely, THE VICTORY OF FAITH.

Genuine moral fiber is developed by enduring the disciple of faith. When you have made your request to God, and the answer still has not come, what are you to do?

Keep on believing His Word! Never be swayed from it by what you may see or feel. Then as you stand firm, your power and experience is being developed, strengthened, and deepened.

When you remain unswayed from your stance of faith, even in view of supposed contradictions to God’s Word, you grow stronger on every front.

God will often purposely delay in giving you His answer, and in fact the delay is just as much an answer to your prayer as is the fulfillment when it comes.

He worked this way in the lives of all the great Bible character. Abraham, Moses, and Elijah were not great in the beginning but made great through the discipline of their faith. Only through that discipline were they then equipped for the work to which God had called them.

Think, for example, of Joseph, whom the Lord was training for the throne of Egypt. Psalm 105:19 (KJV) says, “The word of the Lord tried him.” It was not the prison life with its hard beds or poor food that “tried him” but word of the Lord.” The words God spoke into his heart in his early years, concerning his elevated place of honor above his brothers, were the words that were always before him.

He remained alone in prison, in spite of his innocence, and watched others being released who were justly incarcerated. Yet he remembered God’s words even when every step of his career made fulfillment seem more and more impossible.

These were the times that tried hid soul, but they were also times of his spiritual growth and development.

Then when word of his release from prison finally came, he was found ready and equipped for the delicate task of dealing with his wayward brothers. And he was to do so with a love and a patience only surpassed by God Himself.

No amount of persecution will try you as such as experience like these—ones in which you are required to wait on God.

Once He has spoken His promise to work, it is truly hard to wait as you see the days go by with no fulfillment. Yet it is this discipline of faith that will bring you into knowledge of God that would otherwise be impossible. 

In these videos, Bishop TD Jakes discusses about, how you can live your life on purpose.

This is a very powerful message reminding us that we have a purpose and we do have the ability to do this purpose.

Your passion and even your pain are ingredients to the fulfillment of a recipe called your PURPOSE.



I find this video very interesting as two of my best teachers in the new field of thinking Abraham Hicks and Dr. Wayne Dyer talk to each other.

This has answered a lot of my questions about my desires to take part in the world.

Please watch and tell me what you think about it in the comment below.