I used to have Cynophobia (fear of dogs). I had a very traumatic experience with dogs when I was young.

I was going home from school way back elementary when I was chased by 4 strange dogs. It did not happen all at once though for another dog chased me after surviving the other. I was 8 years old that time and the whole thing was so vivid in my memory still. I have learned that at a young age, I have a potential of becoming a full-pledged ninja. I finagled around rocks and fences just to escape from the watering jaws of those canines as if I am a deliciously looking piece of bone. You must have seen me how my adrenaline just rushes all throughout every inches of my vein. I am amused to reminisce that moment now. I imagined myself as the new member of Power Rangers trying to beat Rita Reponsa’s (lady villain of the hit series, Power Rangers) wicked, ugly monster. It may now be a funny story but it was insanely scary experiencing it that time.

The first dog was an ugly looking one. It is a colored grey monster with about 6-7 odd little puppies milking its sagging breast. Its face looks so grumpy, really, like an alien from a distant galaxy. It stood like a dwarf kind of dog.I must have trespassed her territory that is why it chased me. But Earth is my home and this monster must go back to her home planet. Good thing she has short legs so she could not reach me as I jumped from one rock to another. Finally I managed to swiftly escape.

The second dog looks like a giraffe; another monster from the outer space. I almost thought it was from a Star Wars movie. It has long legs, long neck and pumpkin-colored fur. I was told when I was young to not make a move whenever a dog confronts you so I stood still staring at this monster – eye to eye. We were transfixed with each other for a very long time – until the monster broke our silence and barked first. If only I could bark too, I could have barked the loudest. I did not wait for him to make the first move. I climbed a wall like Spiderman and jumped over a fence. I fell into tall shrubs and scrawled under the vegetation without any idea where I am at. I did not even think of snakes possibly crawling anywhere. All I thought about was how to get away from that place. To my surprise the dog has a super power too. Using its powerful hind legs, he jumped over the fence. I forgot that his legs are longer than mine since I was 8 years old back then. To my delight I saw a barbwire. For me it only means one thing – end of boundary. I convinced myself that the moment I get to the other side, I am finally safe. I intended to crawl under it so I could finally escape. But to my dismay, my backpack containing all my books inside got stuck at one of the wires. I could not get myself out. I thought it’s the end of me. I cried helplessly.

I was exceedingly thankful that a lady from the other side of the fence saw me. She helped me get out from being stuck in that stupid barbwire. But my joy is short-lived. To my surprise a sudden bark halted me. I thought I have finally escaped my enemies. The lady who helped me is a dog breeder. So it only means that she has lots of dogs in her compound. Her dogs barked in chorus. I can feel that my knees are starting to lose the strength to keep me standing. I cried and I panicked. I shouted and I prepared my fist. I look around to find anything I can get hold of to protect myself. Then I lose consciousness.

I just found myself inside my room still very scared. The lady was so kind to send me home. I don’t know how she knew where I lived and I did not bother to ask anymore. I am just glad that my nightmare as a Power Ranger has finally ended.

From then on, I developed fear in dogs.

Today, I happen to view a kid over the wed with a dog sleeping by his side. They are both cute and adorable. I confessed that I envy this kid. I hope to have the same case as he has. Enjoying and playing with dogs without thinking they are some sort of evil alien ready to overtake the earth. I know that’s a silly idea but my childhood mind was just so creative.You can blame it to Cartoon Network

I now have a pet dog as my therapy of overcoming that fear. I still get some shivers whenever it barks and looks at me but I think I am now doing a good job. I am certain, time will come I could finally get this fear over and done with.

Sharing you some of these adorable Photos.


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