Be kind to the child in you.

All of us love to hear stories. All of us love sweets or chocolates. All of us love to play. All loves surprises.

If you say that you do not love any of those for instance chocolates, then something must have happen in you. Ultimately, you love simple joys. You love simple things that make you laugh.

The reason behind it is that in all of us, we have a child resting within our bosom. That is the “child in you“.

I could still recall my lesson in Psychology way back in college about Transactional Analysis. It states that we all have that “child ego state” that influences our reactions and most likely our behavior towards certain types of situation.

Isn’t it amazing that you still have the child version in you?

If you have a child in you, it is not good to be harsh on yourself. It is not good to show to that child a bad example. It is not good to shake that child with fear.

The problem is; that child is within you. Your younger version. You carry it wherever you go. You nurture it by what you allow it to see.

Often you give that child a bad example. You choose to do the wrong over what is right. You choose to be critical by being a bully to others. You choose to cuss instead of showing patience. And when you fail at one point, you tell that child in you how screwed you are, and how idiot you are. In keeping up with your demand to be on top of your game, you have become a monster to this child. And that child has long kept itself in the closet of your heart. Locked-in. Forgotten.

Then you asked, “Why can’t I see joy in simple things?”

“Why am I still unhappy even if I am successful?”

“Why do I feel there is an empty space within my core?”

The reason is that you have forgotten to invite that little child in you to celebrate your victory.

Remember, the Spirit of God resides in you. Why should you tell yourself that you are less? Only teach “the child in you” what’s beautiful, noble and true. I am not telling you though to be boastful or arrogant. What I want you to understand is to not put down yourself. One day, all the friends in the world will dessert you and even your own family may doubt in your own capability. And you will know that the only thing you have is yourself. So do not ever ever tell yourself anything negative because the scariest thing that may happen is that “the child in you” might believe you. And when it happens, it would be very difficult to bounce back from a fall.

Talk to yourself in the mirror every morning. Look deeply in your eyes. Speak to that child in you that has been forgotten for so long. Reach to that child in the most loving and gentle kind of way.

Say, “(Insert your name) I love you. I miss you. I am sorry if I scared you. I am sorry if I have forgotten you. I am here. I can hold your hand. You are not alone. You are great. You are a champion. You are healthy and smart. You can fulfill your dreams. You can achieve your purpose. You are a child of God.”

Just love yourself.

  1. Tony says:

    Truly insPiring. Thank you for sharing thoughts.

  2. Jay Moli says:

    You are welcome Tony. Keep coming back. 🙂

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