Happy Mother’s Day Mama

Posted: May 11, 2013 in Love, uncategorized
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Mother's Day

My mom is not the perfect mother in the world,
In fact we did not have a very perfect relationship.
Sometimes we argue and I talked back,
Sometimes I felt she is controlling my life.

My mom has made me cry and laugh,
I saw her cried and laugh out loud too.
She my greatest despicable comforter,
And she is my Father’s sweetest foe.

My mom is like an angry hen guarding her chicks,
Mess with any of her young’s and you will suffer her wrath.
My mom is a ferocious tiger protecting her cubs,
Threaten her offspring’s and she will tear your flesh.

My mom is a the softest pillow in my nights of sadness,
She owns the softest hand wiping my tears.
My mom is most gentle sea breeze,
Her voice makes my heart at peace.

There is no one like my mom.
My mom is the only one.

Happy Mother’s Day Mama.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mothers in the World.


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