In this video, the famous author, Elizabeth Gilbert of Eat, Pray and Love that was adapted into a blockbuster Hollywood film shares a journey of an artist and the source of there artistry.

It is very fascinating to me that prolific artist or writers like her are one in the idea that though we may call them genius, yet their extraordinary talent for their craft comes not from them but from some entity out there that helps them create the things and masterpieces we enjoy.

Even Dr. Wayne Dyer himself once said in one of his talks, that everytime he ran out an idea of his writing pieces, he would just stop and sit in the couch and speak int he air, “Please help me”. And soon ideas will run through his mind, hands and into the paper.

I think, what these tries to tell me is that, no matter how good you feel you are in your craft, you should not take full credit of it because there is that One great Source who gave it to you. In my case, it is God. It will be very humbling to know and accept, in all this, you have that great God that shows up everytime you need an inspiration and leading, that God will provide it to you.

When you heed for that thing, the result will always be exquisite, wonderful and full of life.

Elizabeth Gilbert explains it well here. Please watch the video and learn from this magnificent experience.

PS: I do not own the rights of this video. I am merely sharing this as this created a powerful impact in my life. I am forever grateful to Ted Talks Director for sharing this wonderful pieces of speeches and talks to the world. 

  1. I think that God will always push you with ideas for the gifts he has given you, not necessarily those you think you’d like to try. He created you, so I’m guessing he knows what to send you to help you fulfill your purpose. I’ve actually never read any of Elizabeth Gilbert’s books (I know, shocking!-watched the movie though :p), though I have seen some of her talks and interviews, including the one above, which I find really good. I heard that she is to be interviewed and an excerpt read from the audio book Committed, this week on The Book Report radio show (not sure if you’ve ever listened to their show, but if you’re into books, they showcase 6 or 7 a week and author interviews too-the stations and schedules are on their site (bookreportradio(dot)com)). Maybe it’s time I tried one of her books too!
    Really enjoying your blog-thanks.

    • Jay Moli says:

      Hi Bernice. I think you said it all. Like you I also believe that when you have been given with clear vision coming from God, He will supply you with the necessary things and steps to help you fulfill this purpose he has for yourself. I agree that not all of it are comfortable. I have no way of listening to that Book Report Radio show. I am in the Philippines so I am not sure if they even have live-streaming we can find online. Anyhow, thank you for visiting my blog. Take care and keep coming back. 🙂

      • I agree that it’s not always comfortable what God asks of us…I know he pushes my boundaries often, but when I stop being stubborn or fearful, and give in, he always comes through with just what I needed! With regards to the show, if you go to their site (, you can either stream from one of the stations while the show is on, or what I often do, is visit the site the following week, and go to the archived shows, where I can listen online there.
        I’m enjoying the diversity on your blog – love that you cover things from many angles! Keep up the great work! 🙂

      • Jay Moli says:

        Thank you for the kind words Bernice. I will certainly look into this Radio Show. Thanks for sharing it with me. Take care and God bless you and your family always. 🙂

  2. Nora says:

    I’m gone to tell my little brother, that he should also visit this website on regular basis to get updated from most up-to-date news update.

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