How can you sabotage your own love story?

Posted: August 8, 2013 in Love
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If you are an active twitter user, then I bet you never missed a day without reading a quote about love from your timeline. Some of these quotes were taken from movies, books read, poems, songs etcetera… but also, a lot of it were products of someone’s scribbles of thoughts, mostly pulled from their personal experiences. And of course, it gets to be favorited or retweeted many times over by those who can relate.

Many of you want to have your own version of a perfect love story. Who doesn’t, right? But don’t you know that you can sabotage your own love story? Let me explain.

Love by itself is a miracle. And because it is a miracle, you cannot choose as to whom you are going to fall in love with. Though we can agree that love is a decision more than a feeling, this so called decision only kicks in when you are to choose as to either you will stay in a relationship or not. Because before making a decision, attraction first happens and any attraction does not require a decision. It just happens. Period.

Having this premise, you can begin to sabotage your own love story before that miracle begins. Before that cute little cupid shots an arrow in your heart. Before you can feel that restless butterflies in your stomach. You do that by the continuous story you tell yourself.

This story includes how you belittle yourself; how ugly, unrighteous, unworthy you are to deserve the person you love. So naturally, when you meet this person the first thing you do is to sulk back to your own dark corner. You shut yourself from the wonderful experience you may possibly encounter. However hurt you were before, you must learn to let go and be free.

Do not beat up yourself with these stories playing in your head like a broken record. If you nurture that hurt from your past, you will never get to enjoy your future. Remember, hurting people hurt people. No one gets attracted to someone who shrinks themselves so low.

You are a wonderful person. Everyone makes mistakes. You may not be able to undo all the unwise choices you did but you can always make a great future.

The only way to heal a broken heart is learn to trust again.

No other way.

If you will learn that, the rest could just come in smoothly.

Decide today to stop belittling yourself. Decide to free yourself from the bondage that has limited you. Open your heart, learn to trust once more and be ready to love again.


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