What God can do?

Posted: August 9, 2013 in Love
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Photo Credit: Google

Photo Credit: Google


  1. God cannot lie.
  2. God cannot change.
  3. God cannot recall our sins after we’ve asked for forgiveness.
  4. God cannot be the author of confusion.
  5. God cannot leave us or forsake us.
  6. God cannot go back on His promises.
  7. God cannot revoke His gifts.
  8. God cannot be pleased without faith.
  9. God cannot be defeated.
  10. God cannot be too big for our problems.
  11. God cannot be too little for out problems.
  12. God cannot prefer one person over another.
  13. God cannot creak His covenant.
  14. God cannot revoke His calling.
  15. God cannot be unjust.
  16. God cannot do anything contrary to the scriptures.
  17. God cannot bless a lie.
  18. God cannot love sin.
  19. God cannot give anything to the double-minded man.
  20. God cannot be forced into the impossible situation.
  21. God cannot ignore the praises of His people.
  22. God cannot be our problem.
  23. God cannot be overcome by the world.
  24. God cannot be late.
  25. God cannot be neutral.
  26. God cannot be weak.
  27. God cannot bless doubt.
  28. God cannot withhold wisdom from those who ask in faith.
  29. God cannot be against us.
  30. God cannot be limited or confined.

The List can go endless. And most of these truths can be revealed throughout personal relationship with God.


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