God Will Use You Right Where You Are Today

Posted: August 11, 2013 in Love

photo credit: google

photo credit: google


You don’t need to do anything else for God to begin to use you now. You don’t have to read another paperback book, listen to another cassette tape, memorize another scripture, plant another seed gift, or repeat another creed or confession. You don’t even need to attend another service before God will begin to make use of you.

God uses willing vessels, not brimming vessels. Throughout the Bible, in order to fulfill His plans for the earth, God used many people from all walks of life. He used:


  1. Mathew, a government employee, who became an apostle.
  2. Gideon, a common laborer, who became a valiant leader of man.
  3. Jacob, a deceiver, whose name became Israel.
  4. Deborah, a housewife, became a Judge.
  5. Moses, a stutterer, who became a deliverer.
  6. Jeremiah, a child, who fearlessly spoke the Word of the Lord.
  7. Aaron, a servant, who became God’s spokesman.
  8. Nicodemus, a Pharisee, who became a defender of the faith.
  9. David, a shepherd boy, who became a King.
  10. Hosea, a marital failure, who prophesied to save Israel.
  11. Joseph, a prisoner, who became prime minister.
  12. Esther, an orphan, who became a queen.
  13. Elijah, a homely man, who became a mighty prophet.
  14. Joshua, an assistant, who became a conqueror.
  15. James and John, fishermen, who became close disciples of Christ and were known as “sons of thunder”.
  16. Abraham, a nomad, who became a father of many nations.
  17. Peter, a businessman, who became the rock on which he build His Church.
  18. Jacob, a refugee, who became the Father of the 12 tribes of Israel.
  19. John the Baptist, a vagabond, who became the forerunner of Jesus.
  20. Mary, an unknown virgin, who gave birth to the son of God.
  21. Nehemiah, a cupbearer, who built the wall of Jerusalem.
  22. Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, Hebrew exiles, who became great leaders of the nation of Babylon.
  23. Hezekiah, a son of an idolatrous father, who became a king known for doing right in the sight of the Lord.
  24. Isiah, a man of unclean lips, who prophesied the birth of God’s Messiah.
  25. Paul, a perpetrator, who became the greatest missionary in history and author of two-thirds in the New Testament.

All God needs to use is in you.

Source: An Enemy Called Average by John Mason 


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