Today is My Birthday & My Soul Sends Me a Letter –>>

Posted: August 13, 2013 in Love
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photo credit: google

photo credit: google

Dear Frenie,

For the past two years life has been unkind with you. You lose your business and pretty much all your finances, your flourishing real-estate career and the many wonderful plans you wish to fulfill. But nothing hurts you most than those people whom you helped and loved before had slowly shunned their doors when you need them most. Life throws enormous challenges at you, hardships that are beyond your imagination. At the heights of your career, where all plans are ready to be launched; life subdued your strength. Brought you fear, the kind that which you have never met before. Cloaked your visions with darkness of lamentations & despairs. You yelled out to God but you heard no word at all. Your life was silent but was not peaceful. You began to ask your purpose, questioned your existence & doubted your ability. You tried hard to bounce back, but found no one cushioning your feet just so you could lift your head an inch higher & begin to breathe. As shameful as it is to admit, but you nearly took your life twice. With so much restraint & patience, you swallowed the bitter words of blame & persecution of the friends you cradled & fed before. They took no respite to crucify you many times over, but you remained still & never took matters into your hands. I know it was a huge thing to sacrifice your own human feeling nonetheless, you have learned the biggest favor you could give yourself is to forgive your enemies.

I am so proud of you. God knows how hard that decision to give up your pride, yet you did it with utmost obedience. It was during that time, when your world crumbles down; you learned the ominous peace of God.

At the time when the sun parched-dry your hope, at the time when the storm shook your very core. You have never given up your faith to the Father and yourself. You learned how it is to be truly human & alive, that hardships will always be part of it. You understood that despite of the many reasons to be mad at God, you could still trust Him & surrender your will to Him. I have heard every little & big prayers you whispered in your room. I witnessed every ebb of tears falling from your eyes. I have seen how you knelled down and prayed.

I want to assure you that this is not the end of you; that the best is just about to come; that what you’ve been through were all testing the strengths of your faith; that sometimes, a reality that your enemies can catapult you higher that your friends can happen in your life.

Indeed there are countless of things to thank about. The experience that refined you as a person now brought you a gargantuan wisdom of life.

I urge you to let go of the things that do not serve you anymore. I implore you to use your talents & God ordained gifts. I encourage you to engrave every piece of wisdom you learned in the tablets of your mind. And above all, I want you to remember that you are a child of God and you are His powerful champion.

Wipe your tears; allow your true light to shine on every dark corners of your life. Forgive yourself for the poor choices you made. Thank yourself for holding on to your convictions. Love yourself profoundly. Congratulate yourself for not becoming a person you are not by how you were unfairly treated by others. Put your hand in your chest, feel the beating of your heart & know that you are alive. And because you are alive, the power to rise again is within you.

As you move along in this life’s journey, I encourage you to bring no unnecessary loads. Loads of bitterness, resentments & guilt. Walk through this corridor of darkness & see that the end of the road offers you your intense blinding light of both purpose and power.

Never surrender your dreams to the noisy negatives of your past. Nurture the vision you want to achieve and offer it to God for his Divine providence. And with your light and power, shine to those who are lost and forgotten.

Forget not to recall those people who were kind to you. Cherish those individuals who understood & inspired you. Repay them with the same kindness ten times over. Be with them when life turn tables, when they are in need and you have the ability to give. Know that every effort you do is a seed. That one day, every seed you sow shall become a peaceable gift from above.

Take heart and never give up. The Lord will one day rain down upon you His abundance & grace. Be joyful for the Lord listens to your prayers & the earnest desires of your heart will soon unfold right before your eyes. Be confident that He has your life and future in the palm of His hand. He is saving you the best. Believe that the Lord walks with you side by side as you conquer the world once more.

In everything you do, give Him back all the glory. The many tears you shed & the countless sleepless night you endured cannot be compared to the glory that will be given you.

Be strong and take courage. Do not fear and be dismayed for the Lord will go before you and His light will show you the way. God loves you and Happy Happy Birthday.

Always with Love,

Your Spirit & Soul

  1. John says:

    Happy Birthday my dear Frenie. You are truly an amazing person. You are so good and you are an inspiration. God will bless you and restore you manificently what has been taken from you.

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