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Imagine each day that you are allotted with $100 worth of energy. This energy flows from your energy circuit source like the water in your shower falling on top of your head dripping up to your toes in your whole body. Every energy circuit wired in your energetic anatomy does not only flow and stays within your cells but even to your environment, past or set goals in the future. Like a monetary investment, the energy that you finance at something should come back to you with interest – with benefits for your growth and your well-being.


How you spend your energy each day has a direct effect in your body.


This means to say that if you finance 90% of your energy thinking about your past experiences or bewildering unforgiving ideas towards someone (who may well be enjoying a great holiday on the beach), you cause yourself to borrow energy from what is stored in your body. This manifest to you by having sudden headaches, backpains or neckpains through solely sitting down and thinking your unresolved hates of the past.


If you want to grow as a healthy person, you have to remember that good health does not start in a platter of healthy diet but with positive thoughts that create a healthy mindset.


A healthy person has the ability to visit the past and not live there. He must have the ability to go back in the past with a sense of gratitude, of learning symbolic reasons as to why things happened in his life the way they did and the way they are.


If your energy is hooked in the past that doesn’t serve you anymore, learn to detach from it so you can summon your energy back for a more beneficial use. You have to establish a conscious effort to spend your energy only at things that contributes to your purpose, goal and character.