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For the past few nights, I have been reading tweets of people complaining difficulty of sleeping. It is really frustrating to have been wanting to rest yet you still find yourself wide awake. Especially if you know that you have to get a good night sleep to look refreshed for tomorrow’s early project presentation.


Here are a few suggestions I personally use for you to sleep better tonight.


  1. I usually end my night praying. If I go to bed without doing that, it feels like my senses are dragging me out of bed and no matter how hard I try to sleep I just couldn’t. But I don’t just pray for stuffs to ask from God, most importantly I pray because I am grateful to Him for giving me a wonderful experience the whole day – may it be happy or not-so-happy event. This practice may look like just an ordinary habit for me, but I sincerely believe that prayer brings us back to our core as we retire for the night and prepare us to be ready the next day.
  2.  Put away your gadgets so you will not be tempted to peak into your twitter, facebook or instagram account. You have given your socials and gadgets enough time for the day, and now it’s time to give yourself a revitalizing sleep.
  3. At times where it is difficult to sleep, I listen to endless sounds of rain I search in youtube. So you can bet that I have earphones modulated just right. I love the sound of the rain and it soothes me so much. You don’t have to follow my style; you can use a sound of a bamboo flute, chirping of the bird or the gentle flow of the brook.
  4. If you are living with other people in the house, make sure to inform them your desired time to wake up. This is to prevent them from waking you up prematurely. If they would, it’s either you cannot sleep again or you can sleep again yet wake up so late. That will only cause you headache throughout the day.
  5. I de-clutter my brain. In other words, I remove from my mind thoughts of fear, doubts and worries. I replace it with thoughts of positive expectation, gratitude and more gratitude. It is so easy to go to bed at night having these negative thoughts and feeling restless the next day but I refuse to do that anymore. I believe our thoughts create a vortex of either positive or negative experiences that is yet to happen. Having known this, I am careful not to put rubbish in my mind.

May this simple guide give you a good night sleep.



Our thoughts shape our lives. The truth of the matter is, wherever you are in your life right now is a result of how you think in the past. Since it is our thoughts that play are very important role in our growth, we have to be extra careful what we think about most of the time.


Many people will contend that action is the beginning of all that we can do. But if you think about it closely, an archer starts thinking first how she could hit the elusive red-dot bullseye before acting by mounting the bow and arrow correctly. A ballerina imagines how she would gracefully dance to the tune across the stage. And before you do your business, you lay-out your business plan to make sure you are fully ready.


We make an average of approximately 65K-70K thoughts per day. A lot of it is subconsciously done. There are only two types of thoughts you can think about; positive thoughts or negative thoughts.


Never allow your brain to become a bin full of clutter. Let it be a treasure chest of big dreams & positive ideas. Decide to carefully match your thoughts with your most cherish dreams.