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There is nothing worse than not knowing what you want and not knowing what you stand for. Your firm belief about something is called your personal conviction. A lot of people get into trouble simply because in a stressful situation like laying out the predicate of an argument, they are not sincerely convinced about what they believe and what they are fighting for.

The world is full of people who like to speak and who want to be heard yet few only wants to listen. Imagine yourself in a crowd where everybody voices out their ideas simultaneously, that’s comparable to a one chaotic marketplace where everyone wants to make a sale. The world is no different. If you don’t know what to say due to the lack of a strong personal conviction, the world’s noise will overshadow you. You will find yourself grasping for air in search for a chance to be heard where your ideas will be taken seriously and respected.

We often make a mistake by choosing not to speak about something wrong thinking that this will make our lives easier. That is the complete opposite; as a matter of fact you are actually betraying yourself with your indecision. That indecision does not solve anything. It simply makes the situation a stationary ball going nowhere but as ease.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that if you have something to say then you need to say it. Impulsive anger shots words without restraint causing you more harm than good. Prudence is the key. Go back to your core and question yourself what you really believe, acknowledge it and honor it by making a statement.