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At times when we are faced with an adversity, we wished that none of those things have happened. Certainly, who wants to experience problems anyways, of course, nobody. Problems come in all shapes and color. Some are disgusting gray-colored box representing lack or immediate needs desperate to be filled. Some problems also disguises itself like a shining precious ruby representing a big blessing creating in us or our families unforeseen stress about how to handle it wisely.

No matter how they come into your life, the discomfort it gives can be so profound that your initial reaction is to stay away from it. Not that I am telling you to romanticize with your problem but there is gotta be something you need to learn from it.
My college professor once said that the reason why many entrepreneurs became successful in the world is that many people become interested in solving a problem. They see the need, they analyze the need, they try to address the need and make money by addressing that need.

If you find yourself at epicenter of trouble today, why don’t you sit down and have a conversation with yourself. Ask yourself, what wisdom you need to learn from it. It is important that you acknowledge your mistake but it is more important that you move on.

I always believe that wherever you are right now, you need to be there; for the amount of lesson that you need to learn.

The only intelligent thing to do after a fall is to get up, dust yourself and move again. To make good use of the experience you learned to make wise choices in the future.

Who knows, somewhere within that trouble lies your most prolific breakthrough.

My advice to you is…STAND UP and GET GOING.