Life is Not Fair But Life is Good

Posted: November 22, 2013 in faith, life, Love
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image courtesy: @earthpix

image courtesy: @earthpix

Life is good yet on one end we hear people say life is not fair.

How can a life described as good become unfair?

We are brought to life into a world and family we didn’t choose. If you are less fortunate (for now), sometimes you find yourself wishing to have been born into a wealthy family. If you are born to a well-to-do family, you might have also wished to have been born where your parents aren’t so busy with business so they could have more time for you.

This is not a question about contentment. It is just how it is.

We often question life’s goodness every time we get into the brink of the cliff of trials. And during this time, it is so easy to miss the valuable lessons we can harness from it.

Our journey to life is not about hoarding things and accumulating wealth and telling ourselves, “Life is good to me.”  Our journey in life is about finding who we are and sharing our lives to others.

The troubles of life didn’t come in order to steal away our joy but for us to learn peace. Because real peace is experienced at the time when you are surrounded with catastrophe yet you are fully aware that you are safe under the mighty hands of God.

And when all those troubles have gone by; leaving you scarred, bruised and broken, you look back the past with gratitude because it counseled you with life’s meaningful lessons. And you openly tell to yourself, “Life is good to me.”

That same setback you are reeling today could just be your promotion in disguise. Have Faith and Be Strong. 

  1. formyfrog says:

    You explained it so beautifully. I totally agree.

  2. Jay Moli says:

    HI guys, please don’t forget to share this in your facebook page as well. Thank you. 🙂

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