Do you know who you are? Do you know where you come from? Do you know your nature?

The biggest allusion presented by science is the idea that humans come from apes through evolution.

I personally believe that there is a damaging effect of this to children. Imagine a child at grade one being told that she came from the family of monkeys that has gradually developed to modern-day human. It may sound like a legend to them but it could more likely dilute them to the idea that they are mere accidents of nature – as opposed to the truth provided by the Word that every human being is carefully formed in the dark recesses of the mother’s womb by the mighty hands of God.

It is easy to question your identity in the face of wretchedness. You can be quick to dismiss your worth and eventually give-up. In the face of trials, you then begin to ask how in the world you came to be and finding yourself hugging yourself inside your sun-deprived room because you are alone in facing the tumultuous tomorrow of uncertainty.

But if you believe that you have a Father that constantly looks over you; whose kind heart abundantly flows with love for you; whose mind thinks for your best interest. You can quickly console yourself that you are not at all alone. You can avoid pointless fears and worries. You can keep yourself have a winning mindset. And you can see opportunity in the face of difficulties thereby finding smart solutions to it that will eventually lead into a complete turn-around.

You nature emanates from the Divine that created you. Your nature draws life force from a limitless Source. All you have to do is to trust your own nature because your nature is the God that dwells within your heart.

Trust your own nature, because whether you agree or not; even bad times ends.

  1. formyfrog says:

    Amen to that!

  2. George Bently says:

    That’s right. Believe you are from God and God will show up in your life. People are attracted to Godly people. Just trust your own nature.

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