Sages would advise that gratitude is the key towards receiving more. As you all know, nobody would want to be around an ungrateful fellow. We can surely thank every material thing we receive but it is more wonderful to recognize most profound gifts of life as given by people we know and even by those we do not expect.

Please take time to call, SMS or email both amazing and unusual people that had touched your life strangely this year.

  1. People who makes us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our life blossom.
  2. People who turned us down; they are life’s traffic aids preventing us to go the wrong way so we’d land at a purpose driven life.
  3. People who counseled us with sound advice; they are the microphones of God from heaven motivating us to make wise decisions.
  4. People who caused you pain; they are the blacksmiths pounding your character to let you know what you are really made of.
  5. People who always keep you company; they are our guardian angels in disguise that make our day flow easy.
  6. People who left us in times of need; they are arbitrators of relationships who tells us how to choose loyal friends next time.
  7. People who asked for our forgiveness; they are agents of humility that restore our broken trust so we can heal our broken spirit.
  8. People who we call as our family; they are our spiritual homes where we can run for safety in times of defeat and pain.




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