A lot of people will say that daydreaming is a complete waste of time. But I do not subscribe to that idea. As a matter of fact, I love the liberty it gives me for during this time my imagination often shots arrow of riveting images and utilizing these thoughts to transmute what I want towards its manifestation.

My Eureka moments (moment of sudden flow of rich ideas) happen in 3B’s; they are my Bathroom, Bedroom and even a moving Bus.

At the stillness and solitude of time, I let lose my mind like a torpedo shooting almost at any aimless direction. It usually lands at a creative sphere of thoughts, giving me fresh perspective and approaches in my day-to-day challenges. No edits; No censorship; I just let it run smooth and free.

As I lie in my Bed and stare the ceiling, my mind produces imageries of my dream life. I often catch myself rehearsing my speeches or presentations in the Bathroom. And of course the Bus, a place where I spend most of my time in prayer and gratitude of every experience & material things I am blessed with.

I found that everytime I do this, I visit a dreamland of rich ideas excited to birth itself much likened to a seed bursting forth its first bud to greet the sun. It provides my mind with a good mental calisthenics, sharpening my memory and my ability to creatively think of solutions quickly.

We cannot go wherever we want instantaneously. But our mind is as free as a dove, gliding at the fragrant air of our aspirations – leading us to our self-awareness, creative incubation, deep personal memories, meaningful reflection of events and experiences, moral reasoning and compassion to others.

It is said, “If you want to know where your heart is, look to where your mind goes when it wanders.”

I truly love my “me time” and you should find time to do it as well. Don’t be scared to let your mind wander and visit endless frontiers of your imagination. After all, every bit of things you see that man invented today, were once imagined, thought of, and contemplated which are now brought to life.

  1. isaac says:

    Amazing Post.thank you for share… looking forward to more.

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