People Get Hurt Because They’re Dumb

Posted: December 9, 2013 in acceptance, life, Love, relationship, thoughts, uncategorized
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Before you run vitriolic with the title, let me just make a few disclaimers. People don’t become dumb by deciding to be in a relationship but not knowing the obvious and what to do about it is what makes them dumb. Hurts done to you with clear motivation to do it intentionally do not qualify to this.

Here we go.

I am not merely talking about your romantic relationship; of course, it also includes your social relationship with your parents, brother’s and sisters, friends, co-workers and even your neighbors.

How could being dumb be the reason why people get hurt?

Let me explain through this simple analogy.

If you have a very beautiful house with a verdant lawn and a dog comes in and poop, you don’t get mad at the dog; you have to be mad at yourself because you are so dumb knowing you have a beautiful house and yet you did not put up a fence.

In other words, you expose yourself to hurts by not setting-up boundaries. Boundaries are very important because it helps you and your involved relationship draw the line between what you can do to them and what they cannot do to you. Boundaries should be set before you begin to establish a relationship.

By doing this, you save yourself from a lot of heartaches, frustrations and disappointments. True enough, this is the reason why many people suffer from Pisanthrophobia (fear of trusting people due to past experiences with relationships gone bad) that could steal away their joy long before they get to feel it.

Your self and life is likened to that house. You need to choose people who can enter your perimeter fence, the visitors you can sit with in your living room, the friends who can eat with you in your dining room and the love ones who can sleep in the bedroom with you.

Each rooms represents just up to where you can open yourself because if you recklessly open yourself to the world, negative people could always find a flaw that they could use against you.

My deep appeal is…be wise – SET BOUNDARIES. 

Never create a storm and get angry when it rains. So if you tell your husband, wife or partner, neighbors, co-workers and friends today the things you like and you don’t like – do it. It helps them avoid doing you unintentional hurt. 

  1. James says:

    Ang galing.. gusto ko yong analogy mo ah.

  2. Louei Estevan says:

    WhatI like about this post is that tinamaan ako sa mga sinabi mo. Ganon pala ‘yon bro?

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