I would like to believe that anger is a perfectly valid emotion. This means to say that, we all have right to be angry at a certain point of time. There are several reasons why we get angry as there are stages whereby our anger could escalate to. Depending on what is done to you and how you were affected by it physically or emotionally, our anger can intensify from a mild irritation to intense fury or rage. And if you cannot control it, you can do unthinkable damage to yourself and to others. But you have to keep in mind that no regret comes before the feeling of anger. Because if you cannot control anger; your anger will control you.

The good news is anger can be controlled.

Although not all people can do this, there is hope that we can control how we respond to this perfectly valid emotion. Either you get a gun and shot your offender, or think about it in a loving way that maybe you have contributed to his outburst, defines your ways of responding to anger. Anger can be suppressed and can be redirected by focusing your attention to something positive.

When you squeeze an orange, you do not expect to find an apple juice. In other words, you will know what you are really made of by the time somebody provokes you. If you respond with aggression more than love, it spells the kind of a person you are. Hence, I believe that this is the best philosophical explanation as to why anger should exist in the world.

We all feel it and that’s one emotion that makes us human. But holding on to anger is poison. Imagine we all have a heap of coal in our hearts. This represents our instinctive dark responses towards an aggression. Everytime you are triggered by unfair doings, gossips, flagitious schemes, oppressive advances, physical threat; your anger lit a fire to burn your coal. And if you are not too careful, a once little flame could grow into a smoldering fire. It scorches your life force. It steals your joy. It causes you uncontrollable stress. It breaks your vision. It fills you with discontent. It pollutes your mind with vengeance. It kills your peace. It aged you quickly. It clouds your thoughts with nothing but ill-wishes. It destroys your relationship even to those who have nothing to do with your pain. It makes you irritable. It plants a time bomb in your heart waiting to explode. It is a poison to your life, your dreams, and your purpose and even to people around you.

You are guilty of posting a Facebook status announcing to the word that if only hurtful words and evil imaginations could kill, your offender could have long been dead. Actually, you are right! But the first casualty is YOU. Every evil thought you think; every harsh word you speak; and every hurtful actions you do, the Universe will hold you accountable for it one day. And while you are embattling with bitterness, resentments and insecurities, for all you know, your so called “enemy” is busy improving his careers, taking a great vacation and living a good life. Let go. Move on. 

Nobody may understand how badly hurt you have been. But you can begin to understand the purpose of your pain.

Anger is just anger. It is neutral. It’s neither good nor bad. What you do with it makes all the difference. You could either use it to build yourself by fulfilling your dreams or you can spend more time nurturing it and destroying yourself in the process. The right choice rest upon you.

Do yourself a favor, let go and forgive. Anger is poison but forgiveness is a sweet perfume. 

Let me share to you a beautiful quote by one of my favorite authors, Dr. Steve Maraboli.

“Let today be the day you stop being haunted by the ghost of the yesterday. Holding a grudge and harboring anger/ resentment is a poison to the soul. Get even with people…but not those who have hurt us, forget them, instead get even with those who have helped us.”

– Steve Maraboli, Life the Truth and being Free

  1. Jane Ginpern says:

    Letting go and forgiveness are really key towards a peaceful life. It may take a while for us to accept but we all need it and not hold anger for long.

  2. MItch says:

    ahhhh…. nakuha mo,

  3. Chino Asola says:

    THIS —> Do yourself a favor, let go and forgive. Anger is poison but forgiveness is a sweet perfume.

  4. George Bently says:

    Anger if not controlled will make you a bitter person. Angry people are ugly people. Their ugliness is so stench that it comes out of their face as drilled, eyebags and a very stress-filled haggard face. Angry people only cares for themselves and they are the worst kind to associate with.

  5. Susan Emerinciana says:

    May I also add George that angry people are DECEIVED. They think they have the power through the hate they have inside buy they don’t realize they are POWERLESS. Angry people will never be happy, success avoids them because angry people are full of ingratitude.

  6. Carlo says:

    I would never want to hang out with an angry person. Their minds are close to logic & forgiveness.

  7. Jay Moli says:

    Thank you guys for all your wonderful inputs. And thank you for paying a visit.

  8. We literally store anger in the liver. It is literal cancer.

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