It is very easy to judge a person. We all do it. We are all guilty of it. But how much do we really know of the person we are judging? Sad to say, we do not know enough to judge enough.

Our propensity to judge someone is only based on our selfish parameters to fit every person we know into our own standards. But who says your standard is right? Nobody. Except your ego.

Treat every person as an iceberg. An iceberg is a large mass of ice floating in the coldest region of our ocean. The fact about icebergs is pretty much interesting. What you see on the surface is just 10% of its total mass. In other words, 90% of its mass is submerged, hidden, buried down that icy ocean.

We are no different. Sometimes, we are quick to pass judgment on the character of a person. We even go overboard at times by thinking that we are so smart to have been gifted with a powerful intuition briefing us of somebody’s personality. But our judgments can fail us. The very person we belittle could well be our boss and the very person we adore could well be the source of our disappointments. And the parameter you use is? – Just their superficial appearance.

There are times that we judge someone’s personality by how they behave upfront without realizing that their personality is what they are while their attitude depends on who you are.

You don’t know their stories, sadness, and their pain; therefore you have no right to define them.

Sometimes, you get into a mess of disputes that has nothing to do with you. In today’s influx of social media presence, everyone deserves a mug shot as everyone can be a suspect. Suspect of holding prejudice with our fellow’s lives and personal affairs.

You saw a Facebook status of an angry person aiming bitter tirade to someone you don’t know and in your itch to barge-in the juicy hullaballoo, you shroud yourself by pretending to empathize with his sentiment; but the truth is you are merely curious of what delicious gossip your pea-sized brain could discover. So instead of being someone who really cares, you make a total travesty of yourself by being a complete nincompoop of an issue that which never concerns you at all.

Smart people don’t meddle with other people’s lives. Only low-class, insecure, uneducated breed do that. Never underestimate a person’s silence as he could be a force you could never reckon with.

Wayne Dyer said, “When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself.”

The biggest culprit of Titanic’s sinking in an iceberg. So the next time you are compelled to make judgment, make sure you know them enough that you will not be trodden by your own preconceived notions.

  1. rumadak says:

    Such an amazing post!!

  2. secretangel says:

    Totally awesome post. I wonder if I can use your picture one day in a posting??? Love it!

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