15 Big Life Questions to Ask Yourself before 2013 Ends

Posted: December 17, 2013 in optimism, success, uncategorized
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It is always good to sit down and have a conversation with ourselves as to how our life has been spent throughout the year. This reflection is a must before the year ends to welcome the NEW YEAR clean of conscience, full of optimism and with the best perspective.

A self-talk will oftentimes reveal certain issues in your life that are not too visible in your cluttered world. Below are 15 Big Life Questions to ask before you can welcome 2014 as the most empowered version of yourself.

  1. What did you do to empower yourself this year?
  2. How many lives have you touched positively?
  3. What clear message you got from God  and how do you plan to do it with your utmost obedience?
  4. What are you resisting and what are those you are willing to surrender?
  5. Are you growing in alignment of your values like love, honesty, peace, and success?
  6. Who did you ask forgiveness from?
  7. Who did you forgive?
  8. What are the things that shackled you and how do you plan to liberate yourself?
  9. Do you really and truly know what love is so you can forgive yourself for the bad choices you have made?
  10. What are the things you’re willing to let go this year and will never dare to bring with you at 2014?
  11. What do you know for sure about life?
  12. Do you surround yourself with positive people and friends that will lift you up? Why not?
  13. Why are you still angry with someone by willingly carrying that burden of weight rather than forgiving and letting go?
  14. Why are you still sitting there in self-pity and not yet moving on?
  15. Are you genuinely happy? Why not?

The world will take another revolution around the sun. The year is about to end. There is really nothing you can do about what had happened BUT you can choose not to live in your past. You can only do this by coming into a resolve with yourself by agreeing with your “authentic self“.

Remember, you can never have a good start if you will not have a peaceful end. 

Let go. Love. Trust again. Move on.

  1. I agree. Contemplation of the past year’s choices and experiences helps us make wise decisions in the future.

  2. Rolly says:

    true. lets start the new year right.

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