Sharing you today one of the most powerful motivational videos I found that inspired and reminded me to push myself and focus on my dreams.

If you are reeling for a defeat right now, take heart because that is only a test. Going through defeat and pain is essential to your growth.

I have fully understood this when God led me to the valley of loss and loneliness. Depression almost overrun me yet I always remind myself that it is not the end of me.

And now that God has restored me, I see myself like a Phoenix. A Phoenix with force that rises from the ashes and soar itself higher than before. There is nothing I can do but to be grateful each day as all the pains in the past are now making perfect sense.

Your dreams are never dead. It is always there. Inspire it. Move it. And live it.

In the words of Pastor Mike Campagna, “There is a humbling, humiliation that must take place in all of us so that we aren’t overcome with pride when our dream comes into being.”

  1. George Canoy says:

    This is truly inspiring.

  2. Letty says:

    I am so proud of you

  3. jasonedwin23 says:

    That’s awesome and very inspiring.

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