Today, the last day of 2013, my twitter timeline has been flooded with so many tweets mentioning how people are planning to have a wonderful 2014 (Yes! I am tweeting while cooking). Indeed, these twitter posts are very inspiring and until someone decides to act on it positively, those beautiful words of resolutions will only remain buried in the history pages of twitter wonderland.

So I put aside my ladle for a while as I wait for the beef broth to cool, leaving the kitchen, hooping on the stool and getting busy in my keyboard. I would like to share with you some simple ways how to make your 2014 incredibly wonderful.

Get a Positive Mindset

I don’t care whatever you want to do and how much money you have in the bank, as long as you don’t maintain a positive mindset, you will never get far. That is because a negative mindset will extinguish your passion. We know passion is what will drive you to do hardwork, inspire your creativity and ump your entrepreneurial spirit. A negative mindset is simply defined as “joy stealers”. You don’t want anything that will steal away your joy.

And do you know what’s the best way to get a positive mindset?

It is by cutting your associations with negative people. If the people who surround you with are infected with a negative mindset, know that they are contagious. It is not smart to mingle with spiritually constipated and emotionally retarded people. Oprah Winfrey even said, “Surround yourself only with people who are going to take you higher.”

Always Act Proactively and Positively

If there is an opportunity that is knocking on your door, invite it to come over. You have to seriously take this because every opportunity you decline becomes an opportunity for others. You can seldom see an opportunity coming back for you. It does not mean though that you grab every opportunity, but that you have to select the ones that will fund your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual life positively. Balance is still the key.

Always act positively. Of course we sometimes see tirades and gossips launched against up. But I challenge you to keep your cool because every feisty, bitter and angry word thrown at you are magnified by the one saying it. In other words, as they begin to say it open to the universe, they invite more for themselves. That is why you could never find a gossiping person happy; it is simply because their evil words eat their soul.

Make Peace with Your Past

We all made bad choices in the past, welcomed unhealthy associations with others and even made enemies with our friends. But let the pain of the past be left in the past. I am not saying this is easy, it is even maddeningly difficult. But the forgiveness you give is not really for them, it is a favor you give yourself. Marianne Williamson, author of “Everyday Grace” said, “As you forgive others, you begin to forgive yourself. As you stop focusing on their mistakes, you will stop punishing yourself for your own. Your ability to release what you think of as the sins of others will free you to release yourself, putting down the weapon with which you punish yourself so savagely. Forgiveness releases the past to divine correction and the future to new possibilities. Whatever it was that happened to you, it is over. It happened in the past; in the present, it does not exist unless you bring it with you. Nothing anyone has ever done to you has permanent effects, unless you hold on to it permanently.

Forgiveness is not easy. At times it is more painful than the word we suffered, to forgive the one that inflicted it. And yet there is no peace without forgiveness. Never.

Be Happy

Happiness is a decision. It is not a feeling. In fact, you cannot trust your feeling because it doesn’t tell you the truth. So if you decide each day to be happy before you even have your foot land on the floor every morning, your day will be a much brighter day.

Let no one and nothing stop you from being happy. It is your life. It is your responsibility to make it a joyful as you dream it could be.

Check and Improve your Finances

Although I subscribe to the idea that money does not bring happiness, I also know enough that the lack of it brings sadness. Money is a great tool to bless others and improve your quality of life. If anyone says that money is the root of all evil, then I’d say that person has been deceived. If you know how to use money, you can make a positive and astounding impact to the world. That is how the economy of the world works.

Get a piece of paper and know how much you are worth. You can do this by dividing the paper into two. The left side shall be your earnings (income) while the right shall be your liabilities. Deduct your earnings with your liabilities, and that is you monetary worth.

Free yourself from consumer debts. These are types of debts where you only spend for luxury and anything that does not give value to your pocket. Learn the world of investing and get some entrepreneurial activities. Get a mentor.

When you have more, you can give more. When you can give more, you create a happy and satisfied environment for yourself and your family. So improve your finances. Period.

Set New Goals

New goals that you instill to yourself are the ones that will inspire you work. To do something valuable. Goals may be great or small. Your goal may simply be as freeing yourself with debts or earning 100K of passive income in the stock market by the end of the year. The choice is yours.

But this 2014 make it different. Set some big bold new goals. Sky is the limit. Show to yourself what you can greatly do. If you claim to be a child of God, you can do all things that you set your mind into.

Let your goals move mountain. Set yourself up. And make a very big comeback.

Thank you for reading. I hope this inspired you to make a wonderful 2014. You can do it. Believe it and declare that you will have a wonderful year.

May your dreams come true. God Bless you.

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  2. Ronand Collins says:

    This is one amazing post.

  3. ella says:

    i do really love this too……

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