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It is Lonely on Top

Posted: March 9, 2018 in inspiration, Love, Motivation

Man on top of mountain. Element of design.


“To add value to others, one must first value others.” –John Maxwell

True to the words of John Maxwell, anyone who wishes to lead has to know not only how to provide worth for people but also to see the worth of every people. Anyone who stands as a leader can only succeed if he/she acknowledges that in the vastness of his/her periphery every single person has value owned and value to offer.

We sometimes envy leaders. They get to demand what has to be done, steer the rudder of the organization to which direction it must go, decides who goes and who stays, and makes some bad ass decisions of the day. We sometimes fear their presence. And in their affable environment, we yearn for the moment and ask the stars, what it’s like to be sitting in their chairs.

If there is one thing I know about leading people, it is the bitter truth that up there is a very lonely place. People may look up to you and revere you for all the innovations you have done but when your duty calls for the hardest decisions of the day, questions will flick around like some nasty mucous from someone else’s fingers. Some questions are smeared with malice and depravity both blatant and sordid inadvertent of the imminent prospective demise of the reputation you have built and established.

This is the sad truth every leader must learn to face and conquer. The long and winding abyss of this dismal truth has to be won over with an unfazed heart. It is not for the fainthearted because being on top could be both cold and lonely. Thus if you really want to lead people, then be ready to be alone.



There are two wonderful things in life; first, is the day you were born and the second is the day you find out why.


Today, the Lord has proven His faithfulness to me again by giving me another year to live. This birthday is truly meaningful for God led me to a totally new direction. For so many years I have evaded from this path but now I am embracing it wholeheartedly.


For the past two years I endured the darkest storm in my life. My footstool has been shaken and been overwhelmed with enormous challenges from all directions. Losing a fortune, a flourishing career and good plans are devastatingly painful but nothing beats the pain of being abandoned by friends who unfairly lambast you with hurtful words on social media. I was reeling for a deep gangrene of a fallen relationship with them, a relationship I closely likened to my siblings.


I decided to not dwell on it for in anything and everything I believe God have good reasons for allowing it to transpire. I learned to understand that we never learn when we are on the mountaintop, instead we learn best in the valley. No matter how dark this valley may get, as long as you remain steadfast in your faith in God, no storm can wipe you out from His amazing grace. Understand that God’s love for you is bigger than your greatest disappointments.


God in His infinite wisdom showed me that He has to remove nocuous friends so they will be replaced with anodyne ones. He has to take out opulent opportunities so meaningful careers can come in. He will make you do things so you can show others how to do it. He will allow you to reach the point of giving up so you will know that giving up is not the end but fighting is. It is in fighting for your visions and dreams that you will discover new strengths to grow and build again.


As I journey for another year in life, I am fully convinced that I am not alone. I know Someone walks beside me. Challenges will still come but my Lord’s yoke and burden are light.


To papa & mama, thank you forever.
To my beautiful sisters Jairus & Jaycel, I love you both.
To my true friends, you are my siblings from other parents.
To everyone who touched my life both friends and foe, gratitude for teaching me lessons.
To my great Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I am forever in awe of your love to me. Thank you for directing me to my divine purpose. I LOVE YOU LORD.


Karma is not just a mere philosophy, more importantly it is science. I simply define Karma as the resulting effect of the experience you cause. Our soul emanates from our Source which is God and we walk in the road of life by every experience that we encounter. The experience we go through is caused by us, and because it is caused by us, we are responsible for the event it effectuates.

In Einstein’s third law of motion it states that, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. It describes one important universal principle that states, if you cause something you will also see an effect. Personally, I view this not just an elaborate path towards Divine correction but also a healing process of the soul.

According to Gary Zukav, “Every action, thought and feeling is motivated by an intention, and that intention is the cause that exists as one with an effect.” If this is the case, then if we participate in the cause, it is not possible for us not to participate in the effect. We are so habituated to the belief that we are responsible for some of the effect of the actions that we do, but not all. My conviction is that, nothing that we cause is exempted from the Universal Law of Karma. Remember, we all partake in the fruit of the seed that we sow. It is therefore judicious for us to be aware of all the intentions that motivate our actions, sort out which of our intentions produce which effects, and to choose the intentions according to the effects that we desire to produce.

When you intend to harm others, you cause an imbalance of energy. Any imbalance in the universe will have to be corrected and because the universe will have to correct it, you will incur for yourself a debt against Karma that you will have to pay through experience. This universal principle is called Karmic Debt. The person who intends ill-wishes and hatreds for others experiences the intention of ill-wishes and hatreds from others. The person who intends love and forgiveness to others also experiences the intention of love and forgiveness from others. The Golden Rule of Karma as a behavioral guide clarifies that, you receive from the world what you give to the world.

If you think you have gotten away from the trespasses you have done to your friend and neighbor, then you have deceived yourself. Because even if the cause has not yet produced its effect, that means the event has not yet come into completion.

There is only one way of paying Karmic Debt. The only way is to go through the experience under the counsel of your impersonal and universal teacher called Karma. When you go through a difficult and daunting experience, you have to look down within yourself if you cause unto others that same morose experience you are going through. Having able to recognize this, you must receive the experience with the willingness to make amends but if you respond to it with nothing but rage and vindictive thoughts, you will only cause yourself another Karmic debt.

Karma acts as a universal teacher rather than a hostile executioner. Therefore, it is not bad at all. It is a way to balance an imbalance energy field; it is way to correct an erroneous past decision; it is a way to find courage to pardon an injury; it is God’s way to right what humans made wrong.

You incur Karmic debt when you become dishonest, when you respond hate to an injury, when you refuse to see and listen to the truth. But if you respond with love in every chance there is, despite of how unfair your situation may seem, you do not only pay your karmic debt but gain Karmic Profit as well. I did not say responding love to hate is easy; as a matter of fact it is a struggle amidst our individual religiosity. That is the reason why most people suffer from lack of peace more than the abundance of blessings.

It is necessary for you to experience that same injury you caused unto others so you will come into enlightenment the repercussions of your muddled actions because every enlightenment have healing moved for that experience. It produces subtle clarity of Divine love, authentic joy, purposeful goal and inner peace. Through this, you learn to understand the significance and meaning of every event in your life.

As you finally understand this truth, learn to pay your Karmic debt by finding an opportunity to love your enemies. Your positive response appoints you to qualify for Karmic Profit in the enlightenment of the process.

Now! Pay your karmic debt and never owe again.


I have BIG news for you.

You have POWER.

A lot of people deny their power by playing small. Thinking that by doing it, they can make themselves noble by enshrouding themselves with supposed humility and submission. But I say this is false humility. This is the way to living a mediocre life.

A mediocre life is not a life of contentment. A mediocre life is a life of unfulfilled potential. A mediocre life is a life of endless “what ifs” and qualms. It is a life lived in the darkest cave of regrets. And no amounts of remorse can take you back in time to reclaim the power you have given up long ago.

Your power has never left you. It only lies quiescent because when you refuse to use it, that same power atrophies.

If you’re just going through the motions, you’re stealing life from yourself. Instead, put passion in what you do.

It does not serve you or the world for you to behave as if you are powerless. It is an insult to your Creator, in whose likeness you were created. 

You have the power to speak to the eye of distress and turn it into eustress.

You have the power to turn the rudder of your ambition to your intended divine purpose.

You have the power to command yourself to take responsibility of every circumstance that has transpired.

You have the power to direct your will away from procrastination to your desire to take active action.

You have the power to shut-off the ugly whispers of defeat and tell to yourself that this is not the way you choose things to end.

You have the power to your mind, to silence every negative thought.

You have the power to cut your subscriptions from the bitter words of negative ugly people.

You have the power to transform the face of failures into a beauty of massive successes.

You can do it. You can win it. You can be a champion.

You are talented. You are beautifully and wonderfully made. You are a light of endless potential.

Get your powers back and gather it to yourself. You need it to achieve your goal.

Dream greatly. Live daringly. Speak kind words and inspire the hearts of others.

And in everything that you do, always recognize your POWER.


Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes of your goal.

You are the CREATOR of your own destiny. If you want to make your dreams come true, the first thing you have to do is, WAKE UP.

Always act like you’re wearing an invisible crown. Always take off “t” from the word “can’t” and make it very big “CAN”.

Failure is simply the STEPPING STONE to SUCCESS.

A man who faced many rejections from the newspaper editor; they said he has no talent and yet he become the biggest creator as Walt Disney that we know today.

A man failed 10, 000 times before he made the electric bulb is Thomas Edison.

A man who failed in business at age 21, his sweetheart died at 26, had a nervous breakdown at 27 become the President of the United States – Abraham Lincoln.

Learn from the life’s stories of these people. Turn your negatives into positive. DON’T WAIT. The TIME is always right.

Create a plan for carrying out your desire and begin at once. Whether you are ready or not, put this plan into ACTION. Start your day with a POSITIVE LOVE to take RESPONSIBILITIES.

When your DESIRE is strong enough, you appear to possess SUPERHUMAN POWERS to achieve your DREAM.

Talk to yourself. The most important conversation you will ever have is the one you have with yourself.

Patience, persistence, and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for SUCCESS.

Go for it. Live with it. Think and GROW RICH.