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Photo Courtesy: Google Images

Photo Courtesy: Google Images

Before you continue reading the whole post, I have a confession to make. I have become a victim of an investment scam (Aman Futures, 2012). It was year 2012 when a big fraction of my savings bid farewell in my pocket and down the drain to perish forever. Like most of the so called “investing people” that time, we all felt depressed and confused. But that nasty scar brought a gargantuan learning experience. I vowed to myself to not let it happen again. I subjected myself to self-imposed research, sought attendance in financial seminars and read and read to learn stuffs I never thought existed. I realized if people only knew what I know today, we all could have made wise investment decision. I hope this post will help provide guidance to you and the people you love.

Many people confuse investment with business or deliberately use them interchangeably. The truth is they are alike but are not the same. In Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad book series, it is a continuous theme and pronouncement that an investment is money you put into something that has the potential of getting a return. If you purchased something but has no potential gain/profit then it is not an investment. For example, you buy a new house and call it an investment. If you do not plan to have it rented or sell it in the future for a higher value; it must not be defined an investment.

Investment could mean a lot in many people. Some attach emotions to it which will make it wide of the mark. I know someone who buys a new car and say that it is an investment for himself. This isn’t an investment! You call it an ego bolster instead.

  1. Recruiters are in Haste – Scammers know that they do not offer you anything with value. And because you do not know it or doubt about it, they do not want to give you time to think about it. So to avoid that you’ll do in-depth research, they will be pushy. And to rid-off annoyance, you will sign up only to regret it in the end.
  1. Buy More to Earn More – This usually happen in “networking company” scams. They will sell you products that are hard to sell. When you realize that it is difficult to dispose your inventory, you have no resort but to recruit people to earn from their recruitment commissions. The problem with this thing is that, essentially no company will survive without a product being sold and bought. Earning money due to recruitment is a tell-tale sign of a company waiting to collapse. Here’s more, according to RA 5601 or otherwise known as Anti-Pyramiding Law, the SEC requires all MLM (Multi-Level Marketing Company) to not engage in Pyramiding Scheme. This means that total worth of products given back to members of the MLM must not go lower than 73% of the total capital shelled out by the member. Example, if your registration for a food supplement MLM company is P 10,000 the stocks you must receive should be worth not under P 7,300.00
  1. Recruiting Members to Earn – Now I really, really want you to get this so please read very carefully. If you were asked to recruit so you will be compensated, then you have all the right to doubt. Here’s why. According to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) when a company registered to them as a corporation collects “membership fee” to compensate uplines and representatives and relies on the circulating membership (not on products sold), in effect that company are collecting securities or investment amount. Any company in the Philippines that sells securities or collects investment is defined as an “Investment Company” and because they will fall within that category, they are bound by law to secure a Secondary License (as per SRC RULE 68, AS AMENDED) from the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission). If they fail to do so, then you are dealing with an unregistered company thereby making their offer null and illegal.
  1. Use the Rule of 72 – According to investopedia, “It is a rule stating that in order for you to find the number of years required to double your money at a given interest rate, you divide the compound return into 72. The result is the approximate number of years that it will take for your investment to grow”. How do you use this rule in your investment? If someone approaches you and says “ I will double your money in two years….” That simply means 72/2=36. Hence, using this formula, you know that your money will grow 36% per year. Although this is possible, this is also very ambitious. Remember risk-reward trade off, the higher the return the higher the risk. So if your heart is not prepared to take on high risk investments, this is not for you. The problem happens when representatives in these so called companies promised you that guaranteed return with NO RISK AT ALL. Quite frankly, a company without proven track record to provide that high return is a scam. Too good to be true as they say.
  1. Do your Homework and Research – We are in the information age so looking for information is easy. If you have any doubts about an investment opportunity or any networking company, you may check Securities and Exchanges Commission’s advisories. In their website you may be surprised to know that it houses a long list of companies who may have engaged into unfair investment practices. Always exercise due diligence so as not to be duped by shark-like scammers hungry to get hold of your hard-earned money.

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For every person there is a highly organized curriculum. The idea of the Holy Spirit. The idea that the Universe is invested in your self-actualization which is the same way of saying the Universe in invested in your own enlightenment.

God wants you to be happy, to be in light and to live in love – the kind of love that is not defected with the dogma set by your world as to what and how love must be expressed. God wants you to forgive and to be forgiven. And in our planetary journey, we come to across an experience where we both hurt and get pained that will set us up to the decision of forgiving and seeking forgiveness. Loss is not loss when properly perceive. Pain is impossible if we learn to elect to change our thoughts that hurt. There is no grief with any cause at all.

Our experience on Earth is all about life’s lessons. And all that we experience is bound with a unique and individualized curriculum for ourselves and ourselves alone. So everybody sitting somewhere, wherever you are right now, what possibly could you be doing and thinking; that’s “it”.  A lot of times people think, I want another relationship, another job or another experience in order for “it” to be happening. But it is our “being” of people that we are capable of “being” and the perfect lesson for us to practice “being” what we are capable of “being” is whatever is happening right now.

Some people will say, “Someday my path will start”. What they don’t realize is that right now they are in that path.

If you are a person who are specifically coming to this mental programming, you must ask yourself everyday, “who have you not forgiven?” or “who have you hurt?”.

The Course in Miracles says. You can have a grievance or a miracle but you cannot have both. So if you are thinking with an attack thought with someone that means your heart is blocked. And they are not suffering, but you are suffering. So do not wonder if a miracle you must have hoped for is not yet happening.

Miracle occurs as a natural expression of love. It is a shift of perception from fear to love. So as long as your heart is open in love, whatever wonderful thing that is supposed to happen will happen. But if your heart is shut, you are deflecting the miracle and the otherwise begins happening. So drenched yourself with love and see miracles to happen.


Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes of your goal.

You are the CREATOR of your own destiny. If you want to make your dreams come true, the first thing you have to do is, WAKE UP.

Always act like you’re wearing an invisible crown. Always take off “t” from the word “can’t” and make it very big “CAN”.

Failure is simply the STEPPING STONE to SUCCESS.

A man who faced many rejections from the newspaper editor; they said he has no talent and yet he become the biggest creator as Walt Disney that we know today.

A man failed 10, 000 times before he made the electric bulb is Thomas Edison.

A man who failed in business at age 21, his sweetheart died at 26, had a nervous breakdown at 27 become the President of the United States – Abraham Lincoln.

Learn from the life’s stories of these people. Turn your negatives into positive. DON’T WAIT. The TIME is always right.

Create a plan for carrying out your desire and begin at once. Whether you are ready or not, put this plan into ACTION. Start your day with a POSITIVE LOVE to take RESPONSIBILITIES.

When your DESIRE is strong enough, you appear to possess SUPERHUMAN POWERS to achieve your DREAM.

Talk to yourself. The most important conversation you will ever have is the one you have with yourself.

Patience, persistence, and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for SUCCESS.

Go for it. Live with it. Think and GROW RICH. 


Two months ago, I wrote an article describing how you can move on from a break-up. If you have read it, you might have realized that the reason why a lot of people are still hurting is the very thing that they keep on holding on.

I am talking about the need to “Let Go” before finally taking the step to “Move On.”

A few days ago, I read a question re-tweeted on twitter lamenting, “Why is it hard to let go?” I have then thought of the question and wish to answer it in a simple mnemonic kind of way.

Let me introduce you to C.L.A.M.


C is for “closure”. Any decision of moving on from practically anything painful; a broken relationship, death of a loved one, failure of business, unhealthy marriage and what have you must begin with having a good closure.

In establishing closure, crying is never a sign of weakness. You need it. The water of your tears will wipe away the clouded image in front of you. Remember, when a relationship starts to break and finally crumbles down, that is a death of something you hold beautiful in your heart. You mourn it. You shed tears.

A good closure is decision from your part not base on anger but based upon the strong foundation of your love for yourself. If you are holding a burning pot, naturally you draw your hands away from it. Holding it for a long period of time will cause serious damage to yourself. In the same manner, when a relationship is no longer contributing to your well-being but just pain, then it is time to decide to close it.


“Letting go” I say is one of the most difficult steps in moving on. It is in this step where you are baffled with dilemma. You have made a decision to have closure in order to move on, yet on the other side of the coin, you are still having hope that you could change the person that’s causing you pain. That everything will be restored. That you can just both forget what terrible thing has just happened and start over again.

The best virtue that you can exercise here is the virtue of forgiveness. You need to forgive not because somebody needs it but because you will do more favor for yourself than to the person who hurt you. Afterall, you have loved this person. And he or she is now part of your beautiful past.

Although there are relationships that experiences a good turn-around. Still a handful of those that needs to have an overhaul; and letting go are one of it.


A lot say that “acceptance” is difficult to do. But I say that this will only be difficult if you bypass the two important steps above. If you have followed the first two steps then acceptance will just follow naturally. Seamless. Smooth. And Easy.

Still many others fake acceptance.

You will know when you have fully accepted things when you know you are free from bitterness and resentments. You should not wallow over a bad break-up longer. Acceptance should make you a better person. Not better than anyone but better than you used to be.


This is the final step. Move on. You have already done what you need to do. Now go and celebrate a new kind of freedom. Freedom from the lingering thoughts at night of how you were betrayed, bruised and wounded.

Celebrate your singlehood.

Have fun.

Enjoy your life.

Do things you have not done.

Love yourself.

And love around those who you ignored when you were with your ex.

It doesn’t need any difficult step at all. Just move on.

I want you to go to your personal space and play this video using a headphone. Affirmations in this video are so powerful that it will influence your life to live a life you long to have. Claim it and receive it. Believe that you deserve each and everyone of it. An avalanche of great unexpected prosperity is heading your way.

Remember, this is a resource available to you for free. If you don’t get wealthy or healthy because you chose to disregard this wonderful piece, who’s at fault?

Now, take a short time off and be ready to be greatly blessed.