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  1. Let go of the things that do not serve you anymore. Example: check your closet then mark those that you no longer use. Give it away. Your closet will do look bare but what’s left are the things you often use anyway. The next thing you know, it will be full again.

  2. There are things that you do that are inconsequential in nature. Remember, it’s the motive that matters and not the particulars.

  3. Make an accounting of your negative thoughts. Example: use a bean and a cup. Every time you thought of negative thoughts, throw a bean in the cup. Check at the end of the day how many negative thoughts you made. It will surely change your behavior.

  4. In every good thing that happens to you. Do a good thing for others. The acts of gratitude must be conscious and planned, not just random and retroactive.
  5. Take care of the people who take care of you.

  6. Always say ‘Thank you”.

  7. There are many roads to the mountain’s summit, but the view from the top is the same.
  8. There is no failure only a delay in results. Don’t ever dismiss or nullify good, positive energy because you are disappointed. Acquire the attitude.

  9. Patience is Power. Keep on keeping on. One of the most causes of failure is the habit of quitting when one is overtaken by temporary defeat. Don’t stop three feet from the Gold. Go back and dig some more.

  10. Sometimes, the only way for you to know that you don’t need what you want is for you to have it.

  11. When everything falls apart, it is a good sign that everything is about to come together. In the very act of birthing, we get a lesson in life. In life, chaos often comes to completion. When you recognize this pattern, you rejoice when everything breaks down; you must be getting close to the finish line.

  12. When you welcome problems in your life, your problems will go away. But when you avoid it, the more it will stay. The point is not really to expect problems to come in everything that you do. It is about you to be ready when it pays a visit. Problem is an inevitable reality of a human life. No matter what you do and how good you are in handling things it will surely come. Problems refine processes, sharpens your wit, improves management skills, calls for sound decision making. This is because problems are part of an experience, and an experience teaches us many great things that helps us creatively deal with our circumstances. However, if everytime a problem presents us a situation to act upon even sparingly and do not face it like a man, it never gets to be resolved. It remains there until you face it with courage.
  13. Learn leadership, marketing, strategy, and accounting. Always check your finances and make your money grow for you. Find ways how you can be different from the competition or how to stand out. Be your own mogul.
  14. You must know where you want your company to go. Some calls this vision, goal, objectives etc, but really no matter how you are going to call it, the need of knowing it is equally important of communicating these to people under you. Unless you are clear to your subordinates where you want them to go, they wouldn’t know what to do or what to anticipate.

  15. Life is short and death is sure. Hence, identify your long-term goals. However, life is also a series of events, therefore do not allow temporary setbacks affect your long-term goals. What you can do otherwise is to seize the moment of learning from them.
  16. God is in control. When your universe is crumbling left and right and you don’t understand – pray. When you know that God is with you; you don’t really need to understand, you only need to have faith. Your biggest ascents come on the heels of your biggest mistakes.

  17. Being an entrepreneur, you are not driven by motives alone, but by the motivation of fulfilling a deep, deep desire.
  18. If the focus is on failure, fall is inevitable. Some of us has a wrong thinking. It is that when something positive happens, we start to worry of what negative events could possibly come after. Yes sure we experience failures in life. Some are big and some are small. Regardless of size, they should only occupy a short duration in our lives. Don’t dwell on it. The key is a few simple steps: know how you failed, learn from it, accept it then move on. Something good that happen can only get even better. Now that’s the focus.
  19. You don’t always get what you want but you always get what you vibrate. The universe is very obedient. Remove the doubt. In other words, if you remain focus in your dreams with utmost faith it will surely come to pass.
  20. There are so many lessons and insights in the world that we already know all along. But we need an opportunity for one person to tell it to us so we hear and implement it in our lives. I call this as validation.
  21. Indeed life is a test. You really do not fail as someone being graded and marked for life. You only need to take a retake. You fail when you quit your life. But as long as you’re alive, you always have a chance to pass the test. The reason why we experience the same problem over and over again is because we flunked the test – that’s your retake. Check yourself, an in depth review does the help.

  22. When somebody tells you that they had a good feeling after talking to you as a compliment, what they really mean is that you made them raised their dial to match yours. I promise when you set your dial and lock it in 99.5 you will attract 99.5.

  23. Never fret in occasions when the darkness of the storm envelopes your life. God is present in it, visiting us, counseling us and instructing us in the night. Listen to His thoughts and meditate on His word.
  24. The harder you fall, the harder you bounce back. You have to be weakened first that you may be strengthened.

  25. Peace is not the absence of affliction, but the presence of God.

  26. Fear is a dead end, but faith opens the door for God. Fear binds you and limit you from your potential. It is alright to be afraid but never fear, because when God ask you to do something, He will equipped you to do it.

  27. Don’t let people turn you to be a person you are not by how unfairly you were treated by them. Let them hate and bash all they want. Always hold your ground and let God judge them someday.


Your problem is really not your problem, it is your attitude that’s your problem.

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