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In the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan in Tacloban City Philippines, a mayor of a prominent city in the south was interviewed upon arriving in the airport. Mayor Rodrigo Duterte of Davao City said that it seems like God is somewhere as this super typhoon wreaked havoc an entire city and leaving thousands of dead bodies on the streets.

As a matter of fact, netizens mentioned that if you want to see what a zombie apocalypse really feels & looks like, come and visit Tacloban City.

The mayor’s comment came from his observation and verily this could also be what others say.

Where is God in all of these?

How could a God that is good have allowed this to happen to people?

I don’t have a direct phone line to God in heaven and call Him for a quick phone interview. If I do, I could have also easily asked the whereabouts of a lot of missing persons that is still yet to be accounted for.

So if I’d have to answer it, the quickest reply I could say is, “I don’t know?”

But here is what I believe; God is with us in every moment of our lives. He is with those people in fear of the terrible storm, He is with those children crying for help, He is with those cold and trembling orphans, and He is with those mothers who lost husbands and kids.

We often say that there is a reason for everything.

What could be the soundest reason for this?

The first tweet I read this morning is from Pastor Joel Osteen, he said, “A setback is simply a setup for a great comeback. That adversity could be the very thing that will help promote you.”

It is for us as individual person and every survivor to ask, to seek wisdom for that we may understand. I strongly believe that one day, things will all make sense, no matter how great is the loss or how painful is the struggle. Our faith in God that there is still good after all this will help us strengthen ourselves and come out victorious after a one dark episode in our life. Get that adversity to launch you up; not push you down.

It is my earnest prayer today along with other people in the world for a Godly comfort to the typhoon survivors, to envelope every aching and anxious heart. May people offer more prayers and may our loving God touch everyone in pain.

God Bless the Philippines. God bless the world.



Today the Philippines have been hit by what is considered to be the strongest Typhoon to appear in the world for 2013. This is also considered as part of the top 12 strongest typhoon recorded in human history. Its international name is called Haiyan and called Yolanda as it enters the Philippine area of responsibility. With sustained winds of 315 kph (195 mph) and gusts as strong as 380 kph (235 mph), Haiyan disrupts major telecommunication, overturned even huge ships docked on ports, uproots century old trees and destroys anything in its path. The President even appeared on national TV the night before to warn the public of the impending calamitous danger.


Braving huge typhoon is no longer new to Filipinos as the Philippines is visited by approximately 24 typhoons every year. During this trying time, Filipinos shows their support to each other. Those who are able to give money and relief goods shares to major foundations in the country and those who cannot volunteer in repacking reliefs volunteers themselves in rescuing affected families or individuals.


Filipinos are resilient. They are a race who can easily manage to cope up despite of the many adversities they encounter. As they triumph over hardships in life they also do not forget to take good care of others.


Certainly, as these storm come to pass many heroic acts will be done in secret. Whether these acts will be sounded with trumpets and gongs or not, they will surely inspire those who have been helped to also give help to others in the future to come.


To the Filipinos… we can do it & with faith and prevent prayer, we can rest with assurance that after a storm a promise of good tidings will come.


God Bless our Nation the Philippines.