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While curling up with a good book in this wet afternoon, I was jolted by the words of the author as it spoke to me. I realize that sometimes my “overthinking” and “overanalyzing” of things get in the way towards the fulfillment of my plans.


The words goes like, “Here’s the bottom line: You already know all that you need to
succeed. You don’t need to learn anything more. If all we needed
was more information, everyone with an Internet connection would
live in a mansion, have abs of steel, and be blissfully happy. New
or more information is not what you need—a new plan of action is.
It’s time to create new behaviors and habits that are oriented away
from sabotage and toward success. It’s that simple.”


As human beings, we are exposed to the herd mentality. Wherever the majority goes, we flock to follow. We do not lack information. Though we reason that we have limited and timely access to it but I am much convinced it is available at our own exploration. It is our procrastination and lack of action that hampers our development and sabotages our growth.


We always get busy, juggling one chore to the next but accomplish nothing. We consciously delay what we can do today. We slacken after winning small victory. And we easily get distracted by short term comfort of slumber rather than focusing our energy to what matters most. Nobody gets out of the rat race by doing nothing. A plan and your decision to execute your plan is what will help pay your bills, give you good grades, bring you promotion and build your dreams. As for me, I’d quit the overthinking and over analyzing and summon my creative juices to act in my favor.


We already learned much my friends, now let’s put that learning to action.


Sharing you today one of the most powerful motivational videos I found that inspired and reminded me to push myself and focus on my dreams.

If you are reeling for a defeat right now, take heart because that is only a test. Going through defeat and pain is essential to your growth.

I have fully understood this when God led me to the valley of loss and loneliness. Depression almost overrun me yet I always remind myself that it is not the end of me.

And now that God has restored me, I see myself like a Phoenix. A Phoenix with force that rises from the ashes and soar itself higher than before. There is nothing I can do but to be grateful each day as all the pains in the past are now making perfect sense.

Your dreams are never dead. It is always there. Inspire it. Move it. And live it.

In the words of Pastor Mike Campagna, “There is a humbling, humiliation that must take place in all of us so that we aren’t overcome with pride when our dream comes into being.”

I like what this guy has said, “Some people’s dream is to to become famous or be rich, mine is simple…I just want to lose weight”.

“I do not have just WILL POWER …because I AM WILL POWER.”

When we dream, we sometimes experience to have full control with what is taking place. Whether you caused yourself to shoot up in the sky or robbed the bank with its loads of cash. All of these happens as a unique sleep experience.

But how are these actually happening? How do you take control of the dream?

This video tells you all.

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When I was still in college, I was asked by a very trivial question by my philosophy professor. Actually, it was not just me. The whole class to be exact. The question is pretty simple, short and concise. But the question requires a substantial answer. It asks me to ponder and maybe stare the ceiling for a while. And really, in these days of busy lifestyle where we just go to and pro, I wonder if we have even stopped and thought of answering this question. The question that seek to define our existence.

The question is this. Why are we here on earth?

Right, why do we exist? Why do we live? What do we have to do in this lifetime? What are we here for?

I know this is embarrassing but I don’t think I had given a convincing answer that time. Neither, do I think my classmates did. But that has baffled me.

This is what a lot of us believe. The reason why we exist on earth is fulfill our purpose. Of course we have a purpose. No matter how useless your life today may seem I am very sure you are not here in this lifetime only to compete with the oxygen supply and food supply of this planet. There is a great value in you. And here’s more. I also believe that there is a great purpose that you have to do that only you can do and nobody else can because that is an assignment given to you.

Think of it, when we do something and we know that we have accomplished it well there comes a sense of pride that sprouts in the innermost of our being. It appears like a germinating seed watered by the dew of our natural tendency to care. We are inclined to do more. We are inspired to search in probably a hundred of ways how we can contribute something good for the betterment of mankind.

But some of us search for the wrong purpose. And because the purpose itself is wrong, it yields a bad fruit that causes us so much heartache and despair. We chase an ambition that disguises itself as a dream like a terrible wolf under the mask of the innocent sheep. We trade simple joys in life to the pleasures of the world that steals our peace. One of these bad purposes is the chase for money and fame. Please don’t get me wrong. I do not say that money is bad. In fact, money is a wonderful instrument to help others and expand our quality of life. But the love for money drives us to make bad choices, ruin relationships and sometimes abuse the weaknesses of others. I don’t think this is your purpose. I believe you are highly significant to have a higher kind of purpose than any of these.

I thought I have already found my purpose when I reached what I thought to be the pinnacle of my career. When I knew I have employed many jobless people in my company. When I have spoken great pieces of advice to delinquent juveniles. When I encouraged hopeless people. I honestly believe that this comprises pretty much all my purpose – success and ability to serve.

But I was wrong.

It is in the bed of depression where God taught me my purpose. That was when I was stripped off of all the accolades, possessions and pleasures that have adorned my life with blinding glitters of envy from others. Indeed it was a very unlikely classroom from a great teacher. And God spoke to my spirit that I do not really need to chase all those things as He freely gives it to anyone. I am bound for a greater purpose which is generic to all of us.

And that great purpose is to give God all the honor and glory in everything that we do.

I am not really encouraging you to become a preacher. I am a businessman myself. Leave to the preachers what is meant for preaching. I do not care what you do. What your job is or how you make money for a living. Just make sure that whatever you accomplish, you will never fail to look up in heaven to say even a few simple words of gratitude. When you do that, God will take good care of your business.

So what do I mean?

That means, as a call center agent you will not tweet while working and acts like you are busy when the boss is around as that is cheating.

As a public school teacher you will arrive in school on time and teach your students not by terror but by love for them and your job.

As an office employee you will not sneak a few paper clips and coupon bonds in your bag as this is stealing.

As a public servant you will not enter into anomalous contracts to profit as God hates dishonesty.

The bible speaks to remember the Lord your God for He is the one who gave you the ability to create wealth. Further, So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God (1Corinthians 10:31). It is very clear. And when you give God the glory He deserves – believe me, He will take good care of the things you cannot do.

Recognize God is all that you do.

This friend is your real purpose. This is what you are here for.

May you be blessed. Good luck. 🙂